Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is Your Style Really Saying to the Outside World?

The Edgy Girl:
Most of the women today, strive to be edgy in their form of dress. Big stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Amber Rose have made it cool to dress different.Unfortunately, a lot of women have lost sight of the meaning of edgy. They fail to understand that throwing on a motorcycle jacket and calling yourself edgy isn’t cool.
A lot of today’s edgiest items might include; spikes, heel-less heels, shades (sunglasses), leather, chains and combat boots. But what’s funny is a lot of women use the following items all wrong. By using these items incorrectly people might read these women as being plain crazy. Some of the women that go for the edgy look might wear a lot of black, pounds of black make-up, and spiked clothing. Here is an example of a women that may be read as being crazy in the outside world:
Too Gothic-Personal Opinion (picture via

The Plain Jane:
Plain Jane is the girl that sees herself as being conservative and classy. But in reality she is only Plain Jane. She prides herself on not dressing up or following runway fashion. She is the ultimate bore when it comes to style. She also comes off as shy. Plain Jane Clothing might include; patternless fabric, sweater dresses, mom jeans, low heels, flats, running shoes and oversized-panty hose.

This is from Calvin Klein's 2010 Resort but it's still plain enough for Jane. (picture via

The Hopeless Romantic:
The hopeless romantic girl is always dressing in clothing that a man likes. She may have once been known for her crazy personal style. But, suddenly her fashion style did a complete turnaround, because she met a man she wants. This woman is hopelessly in love with the thoughts of being in love and is willing to change her style to be accepted by the man she wants. The type of clothing she may wear includes; soft colors like peach, cream and nude. She might also wear a lot of flowing fabrics and soft floral patterns.
A lot of the items that are included in this style category aren’t a bad form of dress at all. But, it’s sad when a woman starts dressing this way only when she is around a man she wants. This type of fashion behavior could be considered a more stylish version of “Plain Jane” after she gets a new boyfriend. Here is an example of what a hopeless romantic might wear:
Cute but don't change your style for a man. (Dolce & Gabbana's campaign picture via

The Slutty Tramp:
The Slutty Tramp shows off her goods whenever she gets a free moment.  During the summer season she is the girl that is wearing the most revealing clothes. She may think she is a size 4 but in reality she is a size 6. Her clothing is usually way too tight and makes her look like a fat pig.
It’s nothing wrong with showing off your skin or your figure. But, the number one rule when trying to be sexy is; wearing clothes that fit. A woman can’t go out in a mini dress if it is way too small. People should save themselves the embarrassment and learn their measurements.
Too Tight. (picture via

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning How To Pose!

All Photography was done by Josh 

Before Tuesday morning the only time I’ve ever tried to do a photo-shoot is when I dressed up like Lady Gaga for her super fan contest. It’s rather funny thinking back on it now because I looked totally and completely ridiculous. I literary went to downtown Detroit dressed like Lady Gaga and took pictures in hopes of meeting her. My outfit consisted of a blond wig, a gun bra (hand crafted by me) and long wide leg pants.  The costume was supposed to be my imitation of one of her many outfits in her Alejandro video. Yes, It’s laughable because I didn’t win the contest so the whole affair was pointless. But, we all make mistakes and I guess that was one of mine. It was like I was under a Lady Gaga trance for an entire year.

Now, that I have been saved from the Little Monster cloud. I am seeing things a lot clearer these days.  Luckily, the Lady Gaga photo-shoot thingy helped me realize that I’m no supermodel. I noticed that I’m horrible at posing in front of the camera. As a fashion blogger I recognized this as being a problem. So I decided to stop fooling around and get some practice. I woke up early Tuesday morning, put on some music and played dress up. Then after I got done playing dress up, me and my good friend Josh went downtown and took pictures. I was nervous at first but after a while I stop being so serious and just had fun with it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Or What Will You Be For Halloween?


I go through the struggle of picking a costume for Halloween every year.  I tend to wait until the week before every single year. I guess that’s just me procrastinating, which is heartbreakingly sad.  All my girlfriends usually have amazing costumes. And I’m usually stuck with Party City’s leftovers.

Halloween serves no real importance and it's just a time to watch scary movies and dress up like a maniac. Despite the lack of importance Halloween really has on anyone’s life, I vow to celebrate every year. But, yet I wait until now to put some sort of costume together.

In 2009 I got my costume at the last minute and the only thing I came across was a cat burglar costume. This get-up consisted of a skin-tight black hoodie dress with cat ears on the hood. The costume also came equipped with a little black bag with a money symbol on it. When people asked me what I was, I said “A cat burglar.” They would just laugh and say “Oh OK.”I had fun that night but I remember wishing I had prepared my costume sooner.

 Last year I insisted on calling myself a Rockstar. Unfortunately, I didn’t look like a Rockstar at all. I looked more like a Tramp. My costume consisted of a purple wig, my favorite denim jacket, a leather bra (lover’s lane style), a gold cheetah print skirt and black patent leather doc martens. I got a lot of complements on my wig and skirt. But, that was about it. And when people would try to guess what I was; “You’re a hooker. Right?” they would ask assumingly.

Hopefully, my creative side will intervene and help me come up with something genius this year. But, as of now I am lost in a cloud of some sort. I thought maybe I could dress like the lady with the cat-head on in the picture above. But, I strongly doubt that I will find any kind of cat-head that looks that good.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dress Up Playlist: Songs Malesha Loves

It may seem extremely childish for a 21 year old woman to refer to part of her grooming ritual as “playing dress up” but that’s what I do. I play dress up. I love to go through my clothes and put them on. I’m always coming up with new ways to pair my current pieces with something different.  So in my spare time I try to develop new looks with my old clothing or try to make use of clothing I have never worn before.

My theory for putting good outfits together is to have music playing in the background. I will listen to almost any type of music while I’m getting dressed. It is extremely rare for someone to find me getting dressed without background music. Most of the music I listen to includes; Pop, R&B, Rap and Old School.  

My Dress Up Playlist:

1.       Illest Motherf***er Alive by Kayne West and Jay-Z
2.       Who Gon Stop Me by Kayne West and Jay-Z
3.       N****s in Paris by Kayne West and Jay-Z
4.       Cabin Fever by Wiz Khalifa
5.       Phone Numbers by Wiz Khalifa
6.       Taylor Gang by Wiz Khalifa
7.       Took the Night by Chelley
8.       Fashion by Lady Gaga
9.       Love Game by Lady Gaga
10.   We Found Love by Rihanna
11.   Rockstar 101 by Rihanna
12.   Red Bottoms by Trina
13.   I’m a boss by Meek Mill
14.   Diamonds by Kanye West
15.   Her by Tyler, the Creator
16.   Boots and Boys by Ke$ha
17.   Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn