Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dress Up Playlist: Songs Malesha Loves

It may seem extremely childish for a 21 year old woman to refer to part of her grooming ritual as “playing dress up” but that’s what I do. I play dress up. I love to go through my clothes and put them on. I’m always coming up with new ways to pair my current pieces with something different.  So in my spare time I try to develop new looks with my old clothing or try to make use of clothing I have never worn before.

My theory for putting good outfits together is to have music playing in the background. I will listen to almost any type of music while I’m getting dressed. It is extremely rare for someone to find me getting dressed without background music. Most of the music I listen to includes; Pop, R&B, Rap and Old School.  

My Dress Up Playlist:

1.       Illest Motherf***er Alive by Kayne West and Jay-Z
2.       Who Gon Stop Me by Kayne West and Jay-Z
3.       N****s in Paris by Kayne West and Jay-Z
4.       Cabin Fever by Wiz Khalifa
5.       Phone Numbers by Wiz Khalifa
6.       Taylor Gang by Wiz Khalifa
7.       Took the Night by Chelley
8.       Fashion by Lady Gaga
9.       Love Game by Lady Gaga
10.   We Found Love by Rihanna
11.   Rockstar 101 by Rihanna
12.   Red Bottoms by Trina
13.   I’m a boss by Meek Mill
14.   Diamonds by Kanye West
15.   Her by Tyler, the Creator
16.   Boots and Boys by Ke$ha
17.   Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn

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