Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning How To Pose!

All Photography was done by Josh 

Before Tuesday morning the only time I’ve ever tried to do a photo-shoot is when I dressed up like Lady Gaga for her super fan contest. It’s rather funny thinking back on it now because I looked totally and completely ridiculous. I literary went to downtown Detroit dressed like Lady Gaga and took pictures in hopes of meeting her. My outfit consisted of a blond wig, a gun bra (hand crafted by me) and long wide leg pants.  The costume was supposed to be my imitation of one of her many outfits in her Alejandro video. Yes, It’s laughable because I didn’t win the contest so the whole affair was pointless. But, we all make mistakes and I guess that was one of mine. It was like I was under a Lady Gaga trance for an entire year.

Now, that I have been saved from the Little Monster cloud. I am seeing things a lot clearer these days.  Luckily, the Lady Gaga photo-shoot thingy helped me realize that I’m no supermodel. I noticed that I’m horrible at posing in front of the camera. As a fashion blogger I recognized this as being a problem. So I decided to stop fooling around and get some practice. I woke up early Tuesday morning, put on some music and played dress up. Then after I got done playing dress up, me and my good friend Josh went downtown and took pictures. I was nervous at first but after a while I stop being so serious and just had fun with it.

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