Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is Your Style Really Saying to the Outside World?

The Edgy Girl:
Most of the women today, strive to be edgy in their form of dress. Big stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Amber Rose have made it cool to dress different.Unfortunately, a lot of women have lost sight of the meaning of edgy. They fail to understand that throwing on a motorcycle jacket and calling yourself edgy isn’t cool.
A lot of today’s edgiest items might include; spikes, heel-less heels, shades (sunglasses), leather, chains and combat boots. But what’s funny is a lot of women use the following items all wrong. By using these items incorrectly people might read these women as being plain crazy. Some of the women that go for the edgy look might wear a lot of black, pounds of black make-up, and spiked clothing. Here is an example of a women that may be read as being crazy in the outside world:
Too Gothic-Personal Opinion (picture via

The Plain Jane:
Plain Jane is the girl that sees herself as being conservative and classy. But in reality she is only Plain Jane. She prides herself on not dressing up or following runway fashion. She is the ultimate bore when it comes to style. She also comes off as shy. Plain Jane Clothing might include; patternless fabric, sweater dresses, mom jeans, low heels, flats, running shoes and oversized-panty hose.

This is from Calvin Klein's 2010 Resort but it's still plain enough for Jane. (picture via

The Hopeless Romantic:
The hopeless romantic girl is always dressing in clothing that a man likes. She may have once been known for her crazy personal style. But, suddenly her fashion style did a complete turnaround, because she met a man she wants. This woman is hopelessly in love with the thoughts of being in love and is willing to change her style to be accepted by the man she wants. The type of clothing she may wear includes; soft colors like peach, cream and nude. She might also wear a lot of flowing fabrics and soft floral patterns.
A lot of the items that are included in this style category aren’t a bad form of dress at all. But, it’s sad when a woman starts dressing this way only when she is around a man she wants. This type of fashion behavior could be considered a more stylish version of “Plain Jane” after she gets a new boyfriend. Here is an example of what a hopeless romantic might wear:
Cute but don't change your style for a man. (Dolce & Gabbana's campaign picture via

The Slutty Tramp:
The Slutty Tramp shows off her goods whenever she gets a free moment.  During the summer season she is the girl that is wearing the most revealing clothes. She may think she is a size 4 but in reality she is a size 6. Her clothing is usually way too tight and makes her look like a fat pig.
It’s nothing wrong with showing off your skin or your figure. But, the number one rule when trying to be sexy is; wearing clothes that fit. A woman can’t go out in a mini dress if it is way too small. People should save themselves the embarrassment and learn their measurements.
Too Tight. (picture via


  1. Aha this is all a tad bit stereotypical, but I definitely enjoyed reading though this ;)

    Hope you had a wondeful halloween!


  2. Hi Malesha,

    I read and thoroughly enjoyed your article. I used to have a game with my wife when we'd see someone dressed oddly/badly and say :- "Yes, but when she/he got dressed they must have looked in the mirror and said to themselves...'Looking good!' "
    You might enjoy my recent article on THe Story Behind Life Cycles......Dramas Dilemmas and Divorce and also the earlier post on the Models.