Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Or What Will You Be For Halloween?


I go through the struggle of picking a costume for Halloween every year.  I tend to wait until the week before every single year. I guess that’s just me procrastinating, which is heartbreakingly sad.  All my girlfriends usually have amazing costumes. And I’m usually stuck with Party City’s leftovers.

Halloween serves no real importance and it's just a time to watch scary movies and dress up like a maniac. Despite the lack of importance Halloween really has on anyone’s life, I vow to celebrate every year. But, yet I wait until now to put some sort of costume together.

In 2009 I got my costume at the last minute and the only thing I came across was a cat burglar costume. This get-up consisted of a skin-tight black hoodie dress with cat ears on the hood. The costume also came equipped with a little black bag with a money symbol on it. When people asked me what I was, I said “A cat burglar.” They would just laugh and say “Oh OK.”I had fun that night but I remember wishing I had prepared my costume sooner.

 Last year I insisted on calling myself a Rockstar. Unfortunately, I didn’t look like a Rockstar at all. I looked more like a Tramp. My costume consisted of a purple wig, my favorite denim jacket, a leather bra (lover’s lane style), a gold cheetah print skirt and black patent leather doc martens. I got a lot of complements on my wig and skirt. But, that was about it. And when people would try to guess what I was; “You’re a hooker. Right?” they would ask assumingly.

Hopefully, my creative side will intervene and help me come up with something genius this year. But, as of now I am lost in a cloud of some sort. I thought maybe I could dress like the lady with the cat-head on in the picture above. But, I strongly doubt that I will find any kind of cat-head that looks that good.

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