Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Much Do People Love Fashion Labels?

People usually express their love for fashion by collecting tons of designer items, wearing the latest fashion trends, and by attending different fashion events. But, there are plenty of people in the world and every person doesn’t always follow the norms of society. Different and creative people tend to find other ways of expressing their love for things. So here are a few pictures that show extremely unique ways people have shared their love for fashion.

People that Tattooed Fashion Logos on Their Body

pictures via 

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The pictures above are of a man with a Marc Jacob tattoo, a woman with a Louis Vuitton tattoo and a man with a tattooed Louis Vuitton sleeve. These are people that are serious about their favorite fashion brands and believe that these fashion lines will never go out of style. I honestly think the Louis Vuitton sleeve is extremely crazy-nuts but it's his life.

Cars that have Fashion Logo

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People are getting the inside and outside of their cars covered with fashion logos. It may seem pointless to some people. But to others it's just another way of expressing their love for fashion. Personally I would never spend my time and money getting a fashion logo painted on the ins and outs of my car. But, people have a right to express themselves and their love for stuff. So my motto is "If they like it I love it."

A House with a Fashion Logo

There is a house located in the middle of Mexico that is covered in the Louis Vuitton fashion logo. This is probably the most creative, time consuming and outrageous way to show one’s love for the fashion brand.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grills for Your Teeth!

Grills are oral inserts that are molded for a person’s teeth. These oral inserts were meant to create a disco effect in one’s mouth whenever decorated with diamonds. According to the grill originated in the1980’s. Since the 1980’s the grill has never left the styles of rappers and Urban America. The grill itself can consist of silver, gold and/or diamonds. The grill is definitely something I wouldn’t wear. But, I have always enjoyed seeing others with the oral inserts in their mouth.

The main reason that I would never wear a grill in my mouth involves me having braces for 4 years. After my braces were removed I vowed never to attach anything to my teeth if it wasn’t required. Wait, I just had a funny thought; what if someone created a grill/retainer.  I bet it could happen. I know I would wear a grill under those circumstances. I would be able to keep my teeth straight and get to look like a baller all at the same time “Magical”.
Note: If you try and steal my idea I will sue you for every coin that you have. I wouldn't play games with a mad-crazy girl from Detroit. (This post itself has me feeling real thugged out.)

But, aside from my crazy grill-retainer idea; I remember watching rappers on television as a little girl. Whenever I saw a rapper with a grill I was always fascinated with the decorations in their mouth. When I was a teenager, Nelly came out with a song called “Grillz” which I actually enjoyed listening to. This song expressed his love for the mouth jewelry. And it was a big party song for people that didn't even wear grills. 

Image of Nelly from "Grillz" video via

With the 1980's fashion come back I believe that I will continue to see grills in hip hop and in urban fashion. I also believe that more fashion demonstrations will continue to involve the grill. I have recently seen a few pictures of fashion models in grills which means more fashion icons will continue to have fun with the mouth jewelry.

Image of Lady Gaga in grill via

Image of Amber Rose in Grill via

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Dress Up On Sunday Night!

Sunday nights for me usually consist of homework. But, luckily tonight all of my assignments have been completed and everything else that life has to offer is closed. So while I sat in a cloud full of boredom trying to figure out what I could be doing; I jumped up and said “No” to being bored and turned on some music. Shortly, after the music started going I walked over to my closet and Yes, I began to play dress-up.

Once I reached my closet I pulled out a gray jumpsuit I had never worn before. I looked at the jumpsuit and thought “This is cute I should wear this soon”. Then after I grabbed the jumpsuit I reached for a pair of black pumps that I got from Charlotte Russe. I put on my jumpsuit and heels and I thought to myself “This looks like a bore fest”. So I removed the black pumps and grabbed a pair of glittery glam pumps that I scored at Bakers a few months ago. When I saw the jumpsuit and the sparkly heels together it brought an instant smile to my face.

After I knew that the jumpsuit and heels were meant for each other, I grabbed my motorcycle jacket. Then after I put on my jacket I went on the hunt for accessories. I ended up putting on a pair of peacock feathered earrings that I scored from Aldo. Then I dressed up my wrist with two Simply Vera bracelets and three bracelets from Forever21.

Upon looking at myself in the mirror I thought “Maybe I should take pictures of myself”. So I went to my beautiful sister and asked her would she be my photographer for the night and she agreed. So I posed in front of her camera phone and modeled to the best of my abilities with a bare face (no make-up).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Clutch, The Purse, and The Bag!

I love new bags. If I could afford to purchase a new killer bag every single day of my life I would. A new purse or clutch can definitely turn my frowns upside down (cliché but true). In the mist of feeling happy with a new bag I decided to share my love for bags by showing the world the many possibilities designers have presented with different unique styles, colors and designs.  Designers like Lulu Guinness, Balmain, Vlieger & Vandam and Fleet Ilya have all provided edgy, cool, outrageous, cute, and attention-getting bags for women. 

Here are my favorite bags provide by the designers:

I love Lulu Guinness's Lip Clutches because they are fun and colorful. Image via

This was designed by Fleet Ilya. I like this clutch because it is serious but yet extremely different from most clutches. Image via

This collection by Balmain makes me smile a lot. The clutches are super amazing/ adorable. I love every single one in the picture above. Image via

Image via
These bags are serious, fun and dangerous all at the same time. These gun purses were created by Vlieger & Vandam.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dress Your Age!

Picture via Style Rookie

I’m all for expressive fashions. I believe any and everyone has the right to dress how they feel. But, what happens when people don’t dress age appropriate? And is there clothing that is acceptable for any age? Yes, questions arise when you actually sit down and think about things.

A few months ago I saw an “Old Streetwalker” who will remain nameless. And of course the reason I knew she was a prostitute was because of her clothing, and the fact she was stationed on the corner of a street. The women was dressed in a tube top which exposed her over size belly and shorts which exposed a fair amount of her bottom half. My first thought was “Wow, she knows she’s too old to wear that.” Then I thought “Well if she’s a prostitute I guess she wearing the right attire”. As laughable as this may seem, the old woman really made me think. I realized that age isn’t a factor in a person’s dressing habits; it’s lifestyle. Lifestyle has influence over clothing. And I believe age should help a person develop a more sophisticated lifestyle and a sense of fashion. More class should be acquired with every year. People should be able to determine what is age appropriate based on their own feelings and their level of class.

Coco Chanel

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What am I Thankful For? Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this fact. Thanksgiving is often over-shadowed by Halloween and Christmas which is a bit unfair if you think about. Halloween is the time of year that people dress like complete maniacs, stalk their neighbors down for candy, and scare them self half to death with haunted houses and scary movies.  Christmas is the time of year when people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and spend countless hours in shopping malls trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.  Both holidays are great but Thanksgiving is important too.

The reason Thanksgiving is important is because it is the one time of year that a person is required to ask them self; what am I thankful for? As a young American woman, it has become extremely easy for me to complain about any and everything. I could go crazy-nuts about things that aren’t even that big of an issue.

This year I have actually thought about the many blessings that God has given me. And a lot of them involve my beautiful family, the genuine friendships I have developed with people over the years, and fashion in America. My family is number one in my life and without these people I wouldn’t be who I am and because I love who I am; I love my family.  My genuine friendships inspire me to keep following my dreams because all my true friends support me and encourage me to follow through with my long term goals. Fashion in America is beautiful because it allows everyone to express themselves freely. This world is a place full of restrictions but here in America a person can walk the streets with no dress code.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't Break the Bank for Your Fashion Addiction.

Image from the movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic via

 I'm addicted to fashion, this is why I started this fashion blog. Fashion plays a strong role in the way I express myself. So It is only natural for me to want to buy threads to complement my sassy style. For that very reason I have found it is fairly easy for a person to go broke for their love for fashion. It's really sad; but, it is the reality in which a person is faced with whenever they decide to pay the mall too many visits. So I have come up with two things; rules for my shopping habits and a list of the best places to shop.

 Rules for Shopping:

  1. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Example: Something that is affordable and realistic. This means if you put the money aside for yourself: Can you still pay your bills?
  2. Determine if you need clothes for an event. If so try using your fashion budget on that.
  3. Try doing your shopping in two-takes. This means that you should only buy fashion items for yourself twice within one month. Example: This usually involves me visiting the mall once and then buying myself something on the internet later on.
  4. Avoid fashion regrets by knowing what you want when you get ready to visit a mall. Or when you go to websites to make a purchase. 

Best Places to Shop (Online):
  • This website is known for its great deals on books. But I have discovered that amazon also has really good deals on shoes and dresses.
  • - This isn’t a shopping site. This is a free membership site. This website helps you find great deals on designer items by emailing you a list of sales everyday.
  • - I love shopping at this clothing site because they carry the latest fashion trends. I also like them because they have really low prices.
  • This website has some of the best clothes in general. The prices can be somewhat expensive depending on if it's name brand or not.
  • This website has amazing clothing at fair prices.
  • - This is a newer website I found that carries the latest looks at a very low price. Their prices tend to be lower than Forever21.
  • - This is another website that holds cheap clothing. Their items are perfect for a club setting.
  • Kohl's has become more and more fashion forward with Celebrity fashion labels which includes; Vera Vang, Jennifer Lopaz, Marc Anthony and Lauren Conrad
  • - This website follows fun trends and carries cool items. I like this site because the prices are extremely low.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Temporary Lip Tattoos!

Violent Lips are the perfect item to add to a woman's make-up box. The Violent Lip collection provides a variety of temporary lip tattoos. Every tattoo in the collection has a unique pattern such as: leopard print, glitter print, flag print and more. The tattoo provides lip coverage for up to 8 hours. They are safe for anyone over the age of three. This harmless product is natural and vitamin enhanced and has FDA approval.

I honestly believe adding the temporary lip tattoos to a woman's look can give her the edginess she needs. When I first saw the tattoos I thought they were adorable. And when I saw a picture of a woman in the Violent Lips it translated that the woman loves to experiment with her style. It also led me to believe that anyone that adds this type of make-up to their look, likes to have fun and enjoys being different.

Pictures via

Women's Fashion Trends that Men Hate!

Women that have a passion for fashion love to follow the latest fashion trends. But, it seems as if some men feel differently about the trending fashions for women. The clothing that us ladies may see as being stylish and fashion forward are being viewed as ugly and unattractive by men. Sources such as The Man RepellerMillion Looks, and have confirmed that men hate the following trends for women:

The Tuxedo
Pictures via

According to; the tuxedo trend is one of the most popular fashion trend for women this fall. The trend consists of:
   1.       A tuxedo (the pants and jacket )
   2.       A Bow Tie
   3.       A tuxedo shirt

Men seem to hate this trend because tuxedos were originally made for men. This knowledge alone disturbs some men. Another reason that men dislike the trend is because of the bow tie that is included in this look. Most men would prefer not to see a woman with a bow tie hanging from her neck because it is such a masculine accessory.

Harem Pants

Picture via

Harem Pants are really big pants that are loose fitting. These pants sometimes gather at the bottom of the ankle which gives them a very unique and baggy look.  The pants have been universally known as a no-no when trying to capture a man. According to the provided sources; men hate these pants because it takes away from a woman’s figure.  Any woman that wears these pants seems to instantly lose their bottom shape. This fact is strongly disliked by men and it plays a major role in why they don’t like the Harem Pants.

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are known for their similarities to Eskimo boots.  A lot of women here in Michigan tend to wear the boots to keep their toes warm in the bitter-cold-winter-months. But, despite their comfort from the cold, men still hate these boots. The main reason they detest this choice of footwear is because it makes women’s feet look larger. And men love women with small feet.

Furry Little Things
Picture via

Fashion Designers around the world have been creating tons of clothing for women that includes fur (faux fur). These items can be anything from boots, vests, dresses, handbags or outerwear. A lot of men don’t like the fur trend because it includes pieces other than outerwear. One of the main reasons these types of clothes are unattractive to men are because it tends to weight the woman down. Another reason they hate fur included in women’s fashion is because of our fur boot. Men seem to hate the fur boot because it makes women’s feet look extremely big.

Too Much Make Up
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There have always been women that have worn entirely too much make-up. There are more than enough women in this world that insist on loading on make-up every morning. It is widely known that men like a woman that looks good in her most natural state. So it shouldn’t shock anyone that men find women that wear pounds of concealer, eyeliner and lipstick to be less attractive.

Oversized Sunglasses
 Picture via

The oversized sunglasses have been around for years now. As a result; this form of UV ray protection has become extremely trendy in the fashion lives of many women. According to the sources above men hate seeing women in oversized sunglasses because it reminds them of a bug. Women wearing these glasses also make men believe that they have something to hide.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Women Hate Seeing Men Wear.

I noticed that women hate to see men wear items that belong in a woman’s wardrobe. A woman wants a Man that looks manly (I guess) and when a man’s fashion doesn’t read that it’s a turn off.

Flip Flops

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a man in flip flops; I want him to try again. I dislike the fact that a man would have anything in between their toes and call himself "looking good". I would seriously be embarrassed if any man called himself taking me out on a date with flip flops on his feet.

Booty Shorts

I won’t lie. I have never actually seen a heterosexual male in booty shorts. But, I recently saw a picture of Jamie Hince in a pair and it seriously saddened me. It looked plain wrong and I seriously have no clue why he would step foot out of the house this way. But, I won’t go any further with my thoughts because at the end of the day it's his fashion life.

Ugg Boots
Picture via

It bothers me that a man would wear Ugg boots. It mostly bothers me because according to my most recent studies men hate seeing women in them. So it makes me fiery hot whenever I see one of my fellow Male Michiganders rocking the Uggs.

Hoop Earrings

I love wearing hoop earrings. They are extremely cute and the bigger the hoops the more sass it adds to a woman’s look. But, hoops on a man is a complete “NO” in my opinion.  I think men wearing hoops in the year 2011 are confused on the time period and have poor taste.

Super Skinny Jeans
I know a lot of guys today wear skinny jeans and that's perfectly fine. It only bothers me when I see a man in super skinny jeans. When I say super skinny jeans I am referring to the jeans that are so tight on a man that I feel embarrassed looking at it. I tend to see this problem on the streets of Detroit or in pictures through my social networks. I believe that super skinny jeans were meant for women and should have stayed in our closets. Super skinny jeans should have never entered the styles of our young men. 
Here are Skinny Jeans Done Right and Skinny Jeans Done Wrong:

Skinny Jeans Done Right:
Picture via
Skinny Jeans Done Wrong:
Picture via

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Many Uses of Henna!

Picture via

Just this past Monday I was sitting in my speech class listening to my fellow classmates give demonstration speeches. During that particular time period a beautiful young lady stood before the class and presented her speech. Her speech included instructions on how to apply henna to the skin for temporary tattooing. I thought that this was pretty interesting; being that henna tattoos have become more and more fashionable.  During the speech the young woman also mentioned that henna is also used for make-up and for dying one’s hair. This information left me amazed and shortly after hearing her speech; I vowed to do my own investigation on the many uses of henna.

Picture via

Once I started my research on henna I learned that henna is simply powdered leaves made from a plant called Lawsonia inermis. These powdered leaves come in three shades; brown, red, and black.  When henna is applied to the skin it stays on for up to two weeks. Women that use henna for make-up, use it to darken their eye brows or to line their eye lids. By using henna as an eye-liner they have eliminated the task of lining their eyes every morning. 

When henna is applied to one’s hair it serves as a permanent dye.The henna will not come out until the hair grows. This product is believed to be healthy for the hair and does not cause damage like other permanent dyes.

Henna is somewhat of a miracle product that I have not paid much attention to until now. I plan on experimenting with it on my own in the near future. I was thinking of first getting a tattoo with the henna and then later using it as an eye-liner.