Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Clutch, The Purse, and The Bag!

I love new bags. If I could afford to purchase a new killer bag every single day of my life I would. A new purse or clutch can definitely turn my frowns upside down (cliché but true). In the mist of feeling happy with a new bag I decided to share my love for bags by showing the world the many possibilities designers have presented with different unique styles, colors and designs.  Designers like Lulu Guinness, Balmain, Vlieger & Vandam and Fleet Ilya have all provided edgy, cool, outrageous, cute, and attention-getting bags for women. 

Here are my favorite bags provide by the designers:

I love Lulu Guinness's Lip Clutches because they are fun and colorful. Image via

This was designed by Fleet Ilya. I like this clutch because it is serious but yet extremely different from most clutches. Image via

This collection by Balmain makes me smile a lot. The clutches are super amazing/ adorable. I love every single one in the picture above. Image via

Image via
These bags are serious, fun and dangerous all at the same time. These gun purses were created by Vlieger & Vandam.


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