Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't Break the Bank for Your Fashion Addiction.

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 I'm addicted to fashion, this is why I started this fashion blog. Fashion plays a strong role in the way I express myself. So It is only natural for me to want to buy threads to complement my sassy style. For that very reason I have found it is fairly easy for a person to go broke for their love for fashion. It's really sad; but, it is the reality in which a person is faced with whenever they decide to pay the mall too many visits. So I have come up with two things; rules for my shopping habits and a list of the best places to shop.

 Rules for Shopping:

  1. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Example: Something that is affordable and realistic. This means if you put the money aside for yourself: Can you still pay your bills?
  2. Determine if you need clothes for an event. If so try using your fashion budget on that.
  3. Try doing your shopping in two-takes. This means that you should only buy fashion items for yourself twice within one month. Example: This usually involves me visiting the mall once and then buying myself something on the internet later on.
  4. Avoid fashion regrets by knowing what you want when you get ready to visit a mall. Or when you go to websites to make a purchase. 

Best Places to Shop (Online):
  • This website is known for its great deals on books. But I have discovered that amazon also has really good deals on shoes and dresses.
  • - This isn’t a shopping site. This is a free membership site. This website helps you find great deals on designer items by emailing you a list of sales everyday.
  • - I love shopping at this clothing site because they carry the latest fashion trends. I also like them because they have really low prices.
  • This website has some of the best clothes in general. The prices can be somewhat expensive depending on if it's name brand or not.
  • This website has amazing clothing at fair prices.
  • - This is a newer website I found that carries the latest looks at a very low price. Their prices tend to be lower than Forever21.
  • - This is another website that holds cheap clothing. Their items are perfect for a club setting.
  • Kohl's has become more and more fashion forward with Celebrity fashion labels which includes; Vera Vang, Jennifer Lopaz, Marc Anthony and Lauren Conrad
  • - This website follows fun trends and carries cool items. I like this site because the prices are extremely low.

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