Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grills for Your Teeth!

Grills are oral inserts that are molded for a person’s teeth. These oral inserts were meant to create a disco effect in one’s mouth whenever decorated with diamonds. According to the grill originated in the1980’s. Since the 1980’s the grill has never left the styles of rappers and Urban America. The grill itself can consist of silver, gold and/or diamonds. The grill is definitely something I wouldn’t wear. But, I have always enjoyed seeing others with the oral inserts in their mouth.

The main reason that I would never wear a grill in my mouth involves me having braces for 4 years. After my braces were removed I vowed never to attach anything to my teeth if it wasn’t required. Wait, I just had a funny thought; what if someone created a grill/retainer.  I bet it could happen. I know I would wear a grill under those circumstances. I would be able to keep my teeth straight and get to look like a baller all at the same time “Magical”.
Note: If you try and steal my idea I will sue you for every coin that you have. I wouldn't play games with a mad-crazy girl from Detroit. (This post itself has me feeling real thugged out.)

But, aside from my crazy grill-retainer idea; I remember watching rappers on television as a little girl. Whenever I saw a rapper with a grill I was always fascinated with the decorations in their mouth. When I was a teenager, Nelly came out with a song called “Grillz” which I actually enjoyed listening to. This song expressed his love for the mouth jewelry. And it was a big party song for people that didn't even wear grills. 

Image of Nelly from "Grillz" video via

With the 1980's fashion come back I believe that I will continue to see grills in hip hop and in urban fashion. I also believe that more fashion demonstrations will continue to involve the grill. I have recently seen a few pictures of fashion models in grills which means more fashion icons will continue to have fun with the mouth jewelry.

Image of Lady Gaga in grill via

Image of Amber Rose in Grill via

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  1. Putting on those grills would certainly give you some swagger! Just look at Nelly! It looks like all the teeth on his lower jaw are grills! I just hope he doesn't get any problems with that. Real teeth are very different from grills, you know.