Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Much Do People Love Fashion Labels?

People usually express their love for fashion by collecting tons of designer items, wearing the latest fashion trends, and by attending different fashion events. But, there are plenty of people in the world and every person doesn’t always follow the norms of society. Different and creative people tend to find other ways of expressing their love for things. So here are a few pictures that show extremely unique ways people have shared their love for fashion.

People that Tattooed Fashion Logos on Their Body

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The pictures above are of a man with a Marc Jacob tattoo, a woman with a Louis Vuitton tattoo and a man with a tattooed Louis Vuitton sleeve. These are people that are serious about their favorite fashion brands and believe that these fashion lines will never go out of style. I honestly think the Louis Vuitton sleeve is extremely crazy-nuts but it's his life.

Cars that have Fashion Logo

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People are getting the inside and outside of their cars covered with fashion logos. It may seem pointless to some people. But to others it's just another way of expressing their love for fashion. Personally I would never spend my time and money getting a fashion logo painted on the ins and outs of my car. But, people have a right to express themselves and their love for stuff. So my motto is "If they like it I love it."

A House with a Fashion Logo

There is a house located in the middle of Mexico that is covered in the Louis Vuitton fashion logo. This is probably the most creative, time consuming and outrageous way to show one’s love for the fashion brand.

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  1. f If I had an unfiltered mouth, I'd go ahead & state the obvious:" which is the comparison of an authentic LV handbag (≈ and wallet set), and this house in the middle of the desert's PRI¢E TAG! ?"
    But thankfully, I my thoughts get filtered before becoming words.... ;)