Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Dress Up On Sunday Night!

Sunday nights for me usually consist of homework. But, luckily tonight all of my assignments have been completed and everything else that life has to offer is closed. So while I sat in a cloud full of boredom trying to figure out what I could be doing; I jumped up and said “No” to being bored and turned on some music. Shortly, after the music started going I walked over to my closet and Yes, I began to play dress-up.

Once I reached my closet I pulled out a gray jumpsuit I had never worn before. I looked at the jumpsuit and thought “This is cute I should wear this soon”. Then after I grabbed the jumpsuit I reached for a pair of black pumps that I got from Charlotte Russe. I put on my jumpsuit and heels and I thought to myself “This looks like a bore fest”. So I removed the black pumps and grabbed a pair of glittery glam pumps that I scored at Bakers a few months ago. When I saw the jumpsuit and the sparkly heels together it brought an instant smile to my face.

After I knew that the jumpsuit and heels were meant for each other, I grabbed my motorcycle jacket. Then after I put on my jacket I went on the hunt for accessories. I ended up putting on a pair of peacock feathered earrings that I scored from Aldo. Then I dressed up my wrist with two Simply Vera bracelets and three bracelets from Forever21.

Upon looking at myself in the mirror I thought “Maybe I should take pictures of myself”. So I went to my beautiful sister and asked her would she be my photographer for the night and she agreed. So I posed in front of her camera phone and modeled to the best of my abilities with a bare face (no make-up).

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