Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Many Uses of Henna!

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Just this past Monday I was sitting in my speech class listening to my fellow classmates give demonstration speeches. During that particular time period a beautiful young lady stood before the class and presented her speech. Her speech included instructions on how to apply henna to the skin for temporary tattooing. I thought that this was pretty interesting; being that henna tattoos have become more and more fashionable.  During the speech the young woman also mentioned that henna is also used for make-up and for dying one’s hair. This information left me amazed and shortly after hearing her speech; I vowed to do my own investigation on the many uses of henna.

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Once I started my research on henna I learned that henna is simply powdered leaves made from a plant called Lawsonia inermis. These powdered leaves come in three shades; brown, red, and black.  When henna is applied to the skin it stays on for up to two weeks. Women that use henna for make-up, use it to darken their eye brows or to line their eye lids. By using henna as an eye-liner they have eliminated the task of lining their eyes every morning. 

When henna is applied to one’s hair it serves as a permanent dye.The henna will not come out until the hair grows. This product is believed to be healthy for the hair and does not cause damage like other permanent dyes.

Henna is somewhat of a miracle product that I have not paid much attention to until now. I plan on experimenting with it on my own in the near future. I was thinking of first getting a tattoo with the henna and then later using it as an eye-liner.

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