Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Women Hate Seeing Men Wear.

I noticed that women hate to see men wear items that belong in a woman’s wardrobe. A woman wants a Man that looks manly (I guess) and when a man’s fashion doesn’t read that it’s a turn off.

Flip Flops

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a man in flip flops; I want him to try again. I dislike the fact that a man would have anything in between their toes and call himself "looking good". I would seriously be embarrassed if any man called himself taking me out on a date with flip flops on his feet.

Booty Shorts

I won’t lie. I have never actually seen a heterosexual male in booty shorts. But, I recently saw a picture of Jamie Hince in a pair and it seriously saddened me. It looked plain wrong and I seriously have no clue why he would step foot out of the house this way. But, I won’t go any further with my thoughts because at the end of the day it's his fashion life.

Ugg Boots
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It bothers me that a man would wear Ugg boots. It mostly bothers me because according to my most recent studies men hate seeing women in them. So it makes me fiery hot whenever I see one of my fellow Male Michiganders rocking the Uggs.

Hoop Earrings

I love wearing hoop earrings. They are extremely cute and the bigger the hoops the more sass it adds to a woman’s look. But, hoops on a man is a complete “NO” in my opinion.  I think men wearing hoops in the year 2011 are confused on the time period and have poor taste.

Super Skinny Jeans
I know a lot of guys today wear skinny jeans and that's perfectly fine. It only bothers me when I see a man in super skinny jeans. When I say super skinny jeans I am referring to the jeans that are so tight on a man that I feel embarrassed looking at it. I tend to see this problem on the streets of Detroit or in pictures through my social networks. I believe that super skinny jeans were meant for women and should have stayed in our closets. Super skinny jeans should have never entered the styles of our young men. 
Here are Skinny Jeans Done Right and Skinny Jeans Done Wrong:

Skinny Jeans Done Right:
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Skinny Jeans Done Wrong:
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  1. Great post ... good to see you are offering a woman's perceptive on men's fashion. As a male I couldnt afree with you more... none of these are good looks for any guy.


  2. You're a stupid, fucking cunt and you're objectifying men. You don't see men forcing their opinions on women like you do. I hope your entire family develops cancer and dies right in front of you.

  3. Jesus...

    Anyway, a person's personal fashion is their personal choice, man or woman. You have a right to your won opinion and preferences like anyone else. and just because I don't agree that something is "wrong" or "right" on someone (I look great in hoop earrings and makeup, and I'm a guy), doesn't mean your opinion is less valid than mine. But I say live and let live, and be authentic to yourself. Me? I have a lot of masculine and a lot of feminine, and I like to let each out when the urge strikes. Otherwise, I'm basically Jeans and Tee.

  4. another oppressive femininst vew point....yet tons and tons of ugly male dressing females are ok sweat pants cotton boreing manly looking underwear manish looking bras called sports bras that look like thay belong on man baseball caps//trucker caps...yes a great deal of women dress like makeup...thay wear tshirts all the you ! my little oppressive feminist should S.T.F.U