Thursday, November 10, 2011

Women's Fashion Trends that Men Hate!

Women that have a passion for fashion love to follow the latest fashion trends. But, it seems as if some men feel differently about the trending fashions for women. The clothing that us ladies may see as being stylish and fashion forward are being viewed as ugly and unattractive by men. Sources such as The Man RepellerMillion Looks, and have confirmed that men hate the following trends for women:

The Tuxedo
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According to; the tuxedo trend is one of the most popular fashion trend for women this fall. The trend consists of:
   1.       A tuxedo (the pants and jacket )
   2.       A Bow Tie
   3.       A tuxedo shirt

Men seem to hate this trend because tuxedos were originally made for men. This knowledge alone disturbs some men. Another reason that men dislike the trend is because of the bow tie that is included in this look. Most men would prefer not to see a woman with a bow tie hanging from her neck because it is such a masculine accessory.

Harem Pants

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Harem Pants are really big pants that are loose fitting. These pants sometimes gather at the bottom of the ankle which gives them a very unique and baggy look.  The pants have been universally known as a no-no when trying to capture a man. According to the provided sources; men hate these pants because it takes away from a woman’s figure.  Any woman that wears these pants seems to instantly lose their bottom shape. This fact is strongly disliked by men and it plays a major role in why they don’t like the Harem Pants.

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are known for their similarities to Eskimo boots.  A lot of women here in Michigan tend to wear the boots to keep their toes warm in the bitter-cold-winter-months. But, despite their comfort from the cold, men still hate these boots. The main reason they detest this choice of footwear is because it makes women’s feet look larger. And men love women with small feet.

Furry Little Things
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Fashion Designers around the world have been creating tons of clothing for women that includes fur (faux fur). These items can be anything from boots, vests, dresses, handbags or outerwear. A lot of men don’t like the fur trend because it includes pieces other than outerwear. One of the main reasons these types of clothes are unattractive to men are because it tends to weight the woman down. Another reason they hate fur included in women’s fashion is because of our fur boot. Men seem to hate the fur boot because it makes women’s feet look extremely big.

Too Much Make Up
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There have always been women that have worn entirely too much make-up. There are more than enough women in this world that insist on loading on make-up every morning. It is widely known that men like a woman that looks good in her most natural state. So it shouldn’t shock anyone that men find women that wear pounds of concealer, eyeliner and lipstick to be less attractive.

Oversized Sunglasses
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The oversized sunglasses have been around for years now. As a result; this form of UV ray protection has become extremely trendy in the fashion lives of many women. According to the sources above men hate seeing women in oversized sunglasses because it reminds them of a bug. Women wearing these glasses also make men believe that they have something to hide.


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  2. I can understand why men hate most of these fashion trends, but I just cannot imagine giving up my oversized sunnies! Great post, girlie!