Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Most Outrageous Fashions of 2011!

The Animal Hooded Hats

The animal hats were a great way to express a person’s sense of humor. These hats are almost like wearing a stuffed animal on one’s head. The hats were seen on stars like Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Wiz Khalifa. Of course all these stars display very fun personalities, so these hats only added to the fun this year.

Jeremy Scott’s Underwear Clutch

The underwear clutch by Jeremy Scott was launched this year. Yes, this is one of the craziest things a woman can walk around with. But, if one is looking to add a little humor to their look this will do the trick. I could see anyone getting a good laugh out of the tighty-whitey underwear clutch. The only thing serious about this clutch is the $424 price tag attached to the item.

Apple Bags

I didn’t quite understand the apple bag when I saw it. But, this apple bag definitely caught my attention. This bag serves no real purpose in the eyes of many. But, I guess for those people that love apples and wants to make sure that their snack is secure this is the perfect accessory. This Hermes Apple bag was also made to be a women’s purse. This is a different way to accessorize. But, the price of $365 is what helped the apple purse land it’s way on the outrageous list.

Crazy Hair

One of the best fashion trends of 2011 was big hair along with that trend followed crazy hair. Stars of all sorts arrived on the red carpets with hair that was too massive, colored in odd patterns, or included giant accessories attached to the hair.  Yes, 2011 bought along some of the weirdest hairs styles. But, regardless this type of hair helped keep looks interesting.

The Best Fashions of 2011!

This year was full of wonderful events. Extreme fashion statements were surely made by designers, stylists and our most beloved stars. I personally enjoyed this year and I was inspired by various things. It is honestly sad how time flies. But, the clock stops for no one and the only thing a person can do is ponder memories made shortly and move forward. With that thought being expressed I have developed my list for the best fashions in 2011.

Chanel Light Up Heels
Beautiful heels make most women smile from ear to ear; including myself. In the fall 2011 Chanel Couture Show, Karl Lagerfeld designed a line of very bright light-up heels. To say the least, the shoes were to die for. They were something that would have made my heart skip a beat, if they were ever given to me.

Heel-Less Platforms

I first saw Pop Singer, Lady Gaga in heel-less platforms last year. They were considered one of the most outrageous fashion statements made in 2010. This year more celebrities tried these shoes on making them less outrageous.

Sheer Fashions

Sheer fashion has been trending for years now and it is also one of my most admired trends. I adore see-though tops, dresses, and skirts. It’s only right that this trend be placed on the best fashions list for 2011.

Big Hair

It seemed as if big hair was serious among several women in 2011. Stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, and so-on made big hair hot this year. I enjoyed this trend and it made fashion extremely interesting this year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Ugly Christmas Gloves!

A picture from last year of me in the ugly gloves.

Since, I've been able to remember; I have loved the holidays. As a child I enjoyed the Christmas lights and decoration. I loved making out my Christmas list to Santa (My Mother) and waiting to open my presents on Christmas morning.

Today, Christmas time is still my favorite time of year. The Christmas season reminds me to think of others and not just myself. It helps me be thankful for family and friends that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. This helps fill my heart with kindness and love.

Even though I am no longer a child; I still enjoy receiving gifts from others. I still tell Santa the things that I would like to receive for Christmas. Last year I can definitely say that I got everything I asked for and a little extra.The extra consist of hideous red gloves that had some type of dangling design on them. Unfortunately, Santa gives me ugly hats and gloves every year. And its getting to the point, where I am running out of space for them. This year I have requested that Santa stop putting ugly Christmas gloves under the tree for me. Hopefully, St.Nick has listened.

I love you Santa, but save the ugly Christmas gloves. ♥ - Malesha Gross

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Frustration of Fabulous Finds!

Because I am a human being; I am attracted to things that sparkle and shine. I enjoy the company of glittery shoes and handbags. I have been trying to snag a pair of metallic pants but it seem as if every time I find the perfect thread-sass they are no longer in my size.

Last night it happened to me again. I made a visit to and my eyes were met with a pair of purple glittered-metallic beauties. I literally fell in love with these pants and I knew I had to have them.  But, I noticed when I went to select my size it was no longer available. This is the luck of a girl that doesn’t check her favorite shopping websites every single day.

It is extremely frustrating to come across truly fabulous finds and be forced to erase your hopes of having that item in your closet. I have struggled with this feeling for years; after learning that my dress size is worn by many women.  I believe it is one of the main reasons I decided to go into fashion design.  Of course I love fashion and the craftsmanship behind the clothes. But, I love the feeling of being guaranteed an opportunity to obtain the best pieces of fun-wear as well.

Items I’ve Missed Out On:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Men's Fashion Trends for Winter 2012!

What should men wear this winter? Is a question that a lot of men that I know don’t really care about. But, regardless of my relationships with unfashionable men this is still an important part of fashion. What’s trending in male fashion has inspired looks for women’s fashion and vice versa. So knowing all the trends for men and women plays a relevant role when styling yourself.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Men:

Suits on a man will always be in style and designers don’t really have a choice, but to let this look evolve. This look is sophisticated and classy. I love a well-tailored suit on a man because it displays serious style. Modern suits, double-breasted suits and three piece suits are all in for the winter.

Big External Pockets

External Pockets are a newer fashion trend for men. I hadn't really heard of this look until I researched men’s fashion trends for winter 2012. The trend includes the exposure of men’s pockets on outerwear.
- Refer to the image above for an example of this look.

Relaxed Tailoring

The relax tailoring is a fashion trend that I feel a lot of Detroit men would love. None of the men I know like to wear fitted clothing. So it is great to know that loose pants, pleated pants, loose cut jackets and seamless shoulders are all include in this look for the winter season.

Work-wear & Overalls

I always wondered what happened to overalls, but now they are in the men’s fashion trends for 2011 (ironic). The boiler-suits and dungarees are also a part of this very masculine look.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Women's Fashion Trends for Winter 2012!

It’s cold here in Detroit, MI. And along with the cold chills comes my complaints of the wind, the snow and the low temperatures. If Detroit had beautiful weather all year long I would feel great about where I reside.  But, despite my hatred for this type of weather the only thing I can really do is learn to suck it up and dress accordingly.

What are the trends for the winter season? This is the question that most fashion forward individuals turn to when they decide to add more clothing, shoes and accessories to their look. So what is the answer? The answer to what is trending in fashion for this winter season is pleats, sheer, fur, tuxedos and harnesses.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Women:

Pleats are trending for this winter. This trend includes pleated skirts, dresses, and pants.  It's extremely cute and for those bolder fashion forward women this is a great piece to add to your look when layering.

Sheer Clothing
Sheer Clothing has been floating around in the fashion world for years now. So it is clear that fashion designers and stylist can’t get enough of this trend. And I must say that I fancy these see-thought tops, dresses, and skirts as well. Of course with it being extremely cold outside it’s best to layer these pieces.

Faux Fur Clothing
Real Fur on clothing is trending as well. But, I don’t want anyone to think I am an advocate for the abuse of animals. So I would suggest that all the ladies stick with faux fur. It is more affordable anyway.
This trend is great for keeping warm in these cold bitter months. You can find designers putting the fur on boots, outwear and hats. This is a fabulous addition to a women's wardrobe.

Tuxedo Trend
The tuxedo trend is one of the hottest trends on the runway. In 2008 this look was trending as well but according to women were doing this look all wrong. A complete man’s tuxedo which included the bow-tie, pants, jacket and the top hat all at once was a complete mistake. The puffy shoulders on jackets that you may have seen some stars wear in 2008 is a “no” as well. 
The Right way to Wear:

The Wrong way to Wear:

Leather Harness Accessory
Leather harnesses are a different way to accessorize one’s self. This look is not for everyone but it is an interesting way to bring edge to a person’s look.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Lipstick Won’t Stop

I’ve been wearing make-up since I was 17 years old. This equals 4 years of experience with make-up. And since the start of my make-up wearing venture I am just now getting it right. 

In the past I have avoided wearing color on my lips. I saw it as being messy and somewhat unattractive. It has honestly made my stomach turn when I would see a cup or straw with lipstick stains on it. Upon being grossed out by lipstick stains, I vowed never to wear the lip pigmentation.

But, it was one night of getting dressed with my closest friend that made me realize that I should embrace the color. She told me I would pop more if I just applied a little color to my lips. Of course I expressed my strong dislike for lipstick stains on cups and straws. After expressing myself I was told to shut-up and to put the lipstick on. She stated that I was a woman and that’s what women do they wear lipstick. I laughed and took the lipstick out of her hand and put it on my lips. To my surprise I loved the way I looked. The only problem I had all night is that I didn't drink anything. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advance Style Equals the Tears of a Fashion Blogger.

I guess I am a bit sensitive, emotional or maybe I’m just passionate.  But, today I cried. It wasn’t because I'm sick of studying for finals or tired of looking at group projects. It was the old fashionistas from the Advance Style Blog. I have seen pictures of some of these women before on Style Rookie and I even posted one of the pictures in my Dress Your Age article.

But, today as I took a break from my homework I stumble across the Advance Style Blog. As soon as I saw the blog and the fashions of the elderly women of the site, I fell in love and joined immediately. It warmed my heart when I saw an image of an old woman with her yellow hair and red sunglasses. And it tickled my insides when I spotted a picture of an old lady with fabulous Prada sunglasses. It also brought an instant smile to my face when my eyes met with a fashion demonstration; which seemed to include endless amounts of bangles, bracelets and cuffs on a pair of wrinkly wrists. Yes, I loved the different and unique styles that were displayed on the blog.

My waterworks began once I saw a video that was posted on the blog called Advance Style Film which is a short trailer of the film. This trailer brought tears of joy to my eyes today. The women in the video showed the meaning of true style and expressed their love for fashion. The message delivered in this video filled me with the inspiration to continue to be myself and to hold on to my dreams.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Holiday Treat: A New Year's Look?

A Holiday Treat: A New Year's Look?

Blue blazer

Haus of Price high heels
$355 -

ASOS envelope clutch
$27 -

Giuseppe Zanotti sparkle jewelry
$595 -

Antique diamond ring

Jon Richard jewelry
£12 -

Jon Richard bracelet
£12 -

Aspinal of London Bijou jewellery box
£165 -

Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas Nail Art!

There is no better way for a woman to show her love for the Christmas Season than to wear festive nails. Yes, I know that some people may perceive this as being tacky and corny; and in a sense it is. But, I don’t really care what people think. Just like people take the time to decorate their houses and Christmas trees; people should decorate their nails with festive colors and designs.

I love the nail art that involves the candy canes, Santa, Christmas trees and so-on. Last December I engaged in the Christmas nail art affair.  I took a candy cane nail design that I found on the Internet to my former nail spa. Unfortunately, my nails didn’t look exactly as I had dreamed but it was still fun to look at. This year I searched for more designs that appeared fun and playful. As a result I found some pretty cool Christmas nail art.

Me in my Christmas nails and my class ring; laughable.

This is actually the design I used last year. Image via Cool Nail Site