Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advance Style Equals the Tears of a Fashion Blogger.

I guess I am a bit sensitive, emotional or maybe I’m just passionate.  But, today I cried. It wasn’t because I'm sick of studying for finals or tired of looking at group projects. It was the old fashionistas from the Advance Style Blog. I have seen pictures of some of these women before on Style Rookie and I even posted one of the pictures in my Dress Your Age article.

But, today as I took a break from my homework I stumble across the Advance Style Blog. As soon as I saw the blog and the fashions of the elderly women of the site, I fell in love and joined immediately. It warmed my heart when I saw an image of an old woman with her yellow hair and red sunglasses. And it tickled my insides when I spotted a picture of an old lady with fabulous Prada sunglasses. It also brought an instant smile to my face when my eyes met with a fashion demonstration; which seemed to include endless amounts of bangles, bracelets and cuffs on a pair of wrinkly wrists. Yes, I loved the different and unique styles that were displayed on the blog.

My waterworks began once I saw a video that was posted on the blog called Advance Style Film which is a short trailer of the film. This trailer brought tears of joy to my eyes today. The women in the video showed the meaning of true style and expressed their love for fashion. The message delivered in this video filled me with the inspiration to continue to be myself and to hold on to my dreams.

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