Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best Fashions of 2011!

This year was full of wonderful events. Extreme fashion statements were surely made by designers, stylists and our most beloved stars. I personally enjoyed this year and I was inspired by various things. It is honestly sad how time flies. But, the clock stops for no one and the only thing a person can do is ponder memories made shortly and move forward. With that thought being expressed I have developed my list for the best fashions in 2011.

Chanel Light Up Heels
Beautiful heels make most women smile from ear to ear; including myself. In the fall 2011 Chanel Couture Show, Karl Lagerfeld designed a line of very bright light-up heels. To say the least, the shoes were to die for. They were something that would have made my heart skip a beat, if they were ever given to me.

Heel-Less Platforms

I first saw Pop Singer, Lady Gaga in heel-less platforms last year. They were considered one of the most outrageous fashion statements made in 2010. This year more celebrities tried these shoes on making them less outrageous.

Sheer Fashions

Sheer fashion has been trending for years now and it is also one of my most admired trends. I adore see-though tops, dresses, and skirts. It’s only right that this trend be placed on the best fashions list for 2011.

Big Hair

It seemed as if big hair was serious among several women in 2011. Stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, and so-on made big hair hot this year. I enjoyed this trend and it made fashion extremely interesting this year.

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