Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Most Outrageous Fashions of 2011!

The Animal Hooded Hats

The animal hats were a great way to express a person’s sense of humor. These hats are almost like wearing a stuffed animal on one’s head. The hats were seen on stars like Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Wiz Khalifa. Of course all these stars display very fun personalities, so these hats only added to the fun this year.

Jeremy Scott’s Underwear Clutch

The underwear clutch by Jeremy Scott was launched this year. Yes, this is one of the craziest things a woman can walk around with. But, if one is looking to add a little humor to their look this will do the trick. I could see anyone getting a good laugh out of the tighty-whitey underwear clutch. The only thing serious about this clutch is the $424 price tag attached to the item.

Apple Bags

I didn’t quite understand the apple bag when I saw it. But, this apple bag definitely caught my attention. This bag serves no real purpose in the eyes of many. But, I guess for those people that love apples and wants to make sure that their snack is secure this is the perfect accessory. This Hermes Apple bag was also made to be a women’s purse. This is a different way to accessorize. But, the price of $365 is what helped the apple purse land it’s way on the outrageous list.

Crazy Hair

One of the best fashion trends of 2011 was big hair along with that trend followed crazy hair. Stars of all sorts arrived on the red carpets with hair that was too massive, colored in odd patterns, or included giant accessories attached to the hair.  Yes, 2011 bought along some of the weirdest hairs styles. But, regardless this type of hair helped keep looks interesting.

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