Friday, December 23, 2011

The Ugly Christmas Gloves!

A picture from last year of me in the ugly gloves.

Since, I've been able to remember; I have loved the holidays. As a child I enjoyed the Christmas lights and decoration. I loved making out my Christmas list to Santa (My Mother) and waiting to open my presents on Christmas morning.

Today, Christmas time is still my favorite time of year. The Christmas season reminds me to think of others and not just myself. It helps me be thankful for family and friends that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. This helps fill my heart with kindness and love.

Even though I am no longer a child; I still enjoy receiving gifts from others. I still tell Santa the things that I would like to receive for Christmas. Last year I can definitely say that I got everything I asked for and a little extra.The extra consist of hideous red gloves that had some type of dangling design on them. Unfortunately, Santa gives me ugly hats and gloves every year. And its getting to the point, where I am running out of space for them. This year I have requested that Santa stop putting ugly Christmas gloves under the tree for me. Hopefully, St.Nick has listened.

I love you Santa, but save the ugly Christmas gloves. ♥ - Malesha Gross

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