Friday, December 16, 2011

Women's Fashion Trends for Winter 2012!

It’s cold here in Detroit, MI. And along with the cold chills comes my complaints of the wind, the snow and the low temperatures. If Detroit had beautiful weather all year long I would feel great about where I reside.  But, despite my hatred for this type of weather the only thing I can really do is learn to suck it up and dress accordingly.

What are the trends for the winter season? This is the question that most fashion forward individuals turn to when they decide to add more clothing, shoes and accessories to their look. So what is the answer? The answer to what is trending in fashion for this winter season is pleats, sheer, fur, tuxedos and harnesses.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Women:

Pleats are trending for this winter. This trend includes pleated skirts, dresses, and pants.  It's extremely cute and for those bolder fashion forward women this is a great piece to add to your look when layering.

Sheer Clothing
Sheer Clothing has been floating around in the fashion world for years now. So it is clear that fashion designers and stylist can’t get enough of this trend. And I must say that I fancy these see-thought tops, dresses, and skirts as well. Of course with it being extremely cold outside it’s best to layer these pieces.

Faux Fur Clothing
Real Fur on clothing is trending as well. But, I don’t want anyone to think I am an advocate for the abuse of animals. So I would suggest that all the ladies stick with faux fur. It is more affordable anyway.
This trend is great for keeping warm in these cold bitter months. You can find designers putting the fur on boots, outwear and hats. This is a fabulous addition to a women's wardrobe.

Tuxedo Trend
The tuxedo trend is one of the hottest trends on the runway. In 2008 this look was trending as well but according to women were doing this look all wrong. A complete man’s tuxedo which included the bow-tie, pants, jacket and the top hat all at once was a complete mistake. The puffy shoulders on jackets that you may have seen some stars wear in 2008 is a “no” as well. 
The Right way to Wear:

The Wrong way to Wear:

Leather Harness Accessory
Leather harnesses are a different way to accessorize one’s self. This look is not for everyone but it is an interesting way to bring edge to a person’s look.
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  1. No matter what, I don't ever think I will look good in pleats. I guess I might try some of these other trends though!

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