Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best Moments of 2012!

2012 was an eye opening year for me. I discovered that life is truly what you make it. And surrounding yourself with positive people is very important. This elementary discovery made a world of difference for me this year. But beyond my own social life analysis for this past year I thought it would be nice to reflect on the some of the fashion events, style changes and fashion fascinations that took place in my life this year.

DIY Love

At the beginning of the year I did my first DIY project. This included a pair of old Doc Martens which were met with a large amount of glitter (it took forever to clean up). Along with my first DIY, was recognition from the Doc Marten Company. They stated to over 30,000 of their followers that it was one of the raddest things they had seen all day.

New York IFB Conference

I went to New York City to Milk Studios for my first fashion blogger conference. Of course it was a complete joy. I was able to meet a lot of people in the blogging and fashion industry . It was extremely encouraging and made me realized that I wanted my blog to be a part of my career.

My Afro

Most recently I discovered a new look. In an attempt to get healthier hair, I stop straightening it.  I went a total of three months without putting any heat in my hair. As a result I noticed that my nature hair achieved something more edgy and fun. This was something I had tried to accomplish for years with my straight hair but it never really worked out. My nature hair adds something fierce to my appearance and it will carry over into my style during 2013

Brad Pitt’s Chanel No.5

For years and years women have raved over how beautiful and handsome Brad Pitt is. And clearly Chanel is hip to this understanding as well. So what better way to attract women to their classic fragrance than by making Mr. Pitt the face of Chanel No. 5. The campaign is definitely something to be remembered and celebrated.

Purple Lipstick Discovery

One of the things I decided to add to my look was more lipstick. My favorite lipstick of all time is my purple by Make Up Forever it is dangerously sassy, cool and edgy. This lip pigment will certainly carry over into year 2013.

Street Style: Detroit

Detroit Street Style is something I’ve thought about adding to this blog for a while now. But I suppose 2013 would be the best time to follow through with this. This idea sparked when I met a man in Mid-town Detroit, who had amazing style. Since then I have only stopped a few others. But style stalking is a must for the year 2013.
She was on my school campus the beginning of last semester. This girl looked so cute. I really love the sunflowers too.

Ring Rave

For those of you that tune in to my blog on a regular basis; you know that I am obsessed with the Man Repeller. I think her style is genius and her outlook on fashion is extremely fresh. So when she came up with her arm party I decided to come up with my very own ring rave. The ring rave involves a large amount of rings on one’s hand. This collection of rings on a person’s hand can make for an interest/edgy appearance.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Outfit Inspiration!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Snake Skin Boots!

So I have a thing for anything flashy these days. My hair is nappy, I  am continuously wearing clothes that don’t match each other and my pimp coat just won’t come off. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, that when I saw Rihanna’s thigh high snake skin boots I fell in love. I rushed to my search engine and tried to find a similar pair. But of course I was left with a fashion frustration when I actually found a pair of killer snake print boots that were not in my size. So what can one do when she wants something extremely bad but it’s not in stock? I suppose I can wait for this trend to hit the market or never see another pair of these amazing boots again. You never know these days. But honestly I’m hoping that maybe this is going to be a new trend soon. I believe by next fall/winter we will have the opportunity to buy more snake skin boots.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Back: Sorry It's Been So Long!

So I’ve been away for some time now. Please forgive me for my neglectful ways. I have been extremely busy with school; this I promise. I have been in school for four years now and I have never had a schedule that has been this time consuming. 

During my absence I must say that I have discovered some things about myself and my style that were a bit life changing for me. So I figured I would share some of my style changes. First back in the beginning of September I got stiletto nails. I loved the look that it helped provide but it wasn’t very functional, which is to be expected when you’re wearing 3 inch claws. It was extremely hard to text message family and friends. Tweeting was no long one of my favorite past times and of course typing school assignments were a struggle.

Following my encounter with the stiletto nails I started wearing natural hair. It was a sweet discovery I must say. It all started one day when I had worn my hair crinkly (natural hair released from braids). I had plans to wear my hair in a massive bun so I combed out my crinklies but I discovered another problem, I couldn’t find any of my hair ties.This forced me to wear my hair in a large afro. I must admit that I was slightly insecure before I left home with my hair in it's nappiest state. But after a couple of hours of being complimented by classmates and strangers I discovered that I liked it. And I haven’t straightened my hair since.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to Get a Watch!

Time to Get a Watch!

Watches have been around for centuries. They are fairly popular accessories. Many people have made an investment in this item so they can always know the current time of day.  And I’m positive others just get watches for the sake of decorating their wrist with something pretty.

Of course I am one of those lovely individuals that doesn’t own a watch. I simply rely on my cellular device to deliver the proper time for me. The only problem with relying on your cell phone to give me the time is the fact that phones run out of battery life though out the day. With this fact being stated; that means that I need to bring a charger with me everywhere I go and then pray that there is an outlet. Or if that doesn’t work out I guess the best next thing is to ask a nearby stranger the time. Ultimately I believe the best solution to this problem would be to simply purchase a watch.

With purchasing a watch, there are all sorts of decisions a person can make. There are watches that are in a traditional, wrapped style, and then you have the crazy styled watches (not really a fan of those).  My favorite is the wrap watches, which is made clear in the images above. They are super girly and fashionable and I believe it would really fit my personal style

Image via
Here is my good friend and partial inspiration (Flavor Flav) for writing this post about watches. I remember when I was in High School and I would watch that Flavor of Love show. It was extremely comical. He would give the girls clocks to let them know they were going in the next round (or whatever). Then the girls he didn’t give clocks to would have to hear the heartbreaking  words “Your time is up”. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Men's Fashion Trends: Fall and Winter 2012-2013

A couple of days ago I spoke of the drop in temperatures here in the lovely state of Michigan. So I delivered women’s fashion trends for fall and winter. And I figured why not share the love with men as well. I suppose men need to be fashionably warm as well.

On your left you have a fine young fellow in Versace (image via Style) and then the guy on your right I stole him from

Real Men wear prints or fashionable ones I suppose. Prints are the new pizazz that have been added to a gentleman’s manly pants. And please don’t forget his manly shirt as well. But all jokes a side this trend is something to be considered for men when styling themselves for the fall and winter.

Leather Bomber Jackets
On your left Versace from Style and on you right an image from

Bomber Jackets are a trend for all fine gentlemen out there. Of course this trend stems from the military trend we have been experiencing over the past few years.  But it seems these jackets take it to another level. I must admit I wouldn’t mind dropping in on this manly trend and sporting a bomber jacket myself. I think it would make for a magical outfit this fall and winter.

Bright Colors
Both images are from the Versace Fall 2012 Collection taken from

For years dark colors surrounded fall and winter fashion. It wasn’t until last year that I started to see more people wearing brights for the chilling seasons. It was mostly women taking to this trend last year but it is indeed part of men’s fashion as well.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall and Winter: Women's Fashion Trends 2012-2013

Here in the lovely state of Michigan we have been receiving cooler weather. Cool enough to remind me that fall is soon approaching.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it means less skin. It gives hookers and annoyingly provocative women no choice but to cover themselves. Another thing that is lovely about this time of year is that there are amazing trends to help inspire one’s style.

Honestly I feel like leather is always stylish. Every fashionista has a few items that are made of leather. But, no matter my opinion it is in fact a trend and it is fabulous. The runway has displayed a lot of skirts, dresses and jackets.

Gothic Fairytales

It is a combination of horror and romance. The textures that are involved are rich fabrics such as velvets, broads, and embroidery (vampire-ish type stuff). Of course this trend involves a tremendous amount of black. But don’t forget the dark embellishments.

Red Clothing

Red anything is fabulous. Be it a coat, a top, pants or etc. wear it because it is indeed, trending.


This is simple you can wear plaid on any of your items. Coats and skirts are a big deal when it comes to this trend. And it seems to correlate with the school girl chic trend I spoke of a few weeks back.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I’m Not Matching or Complementing: But Don’t Worry!

Coordinating, matching and complementing are all words we have heard in the past when listening to someone talk about colors that are linked together in one’s attire. But what happens when one doesn’t really care about these words and doesn’t match all the items in their outfit? Well, the answer is nothing. It just means that you aren’t matching or complementing all the items in your outfit and that’s fine. It doesn't make you any less stylist than the next fashionista. It just so happens that you like color and people that like color are exciting. I believe one should embrace this. 

This past weekend I went to the river walk and I wasn’t so matchy. My leather jacket, plaid dress, and my strap heel sandals were met with my tan handbag. And as I like to say I loved every moment of it. This isn't the first time I've pulled this move, check out: Detroit Style, Maybe?.

Image taken by Josh

Dress is Old
Jacket is Very Old
Heels is from Bakers
Cross Cuff is from Forever 21

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Box Braids: Should I Wear?

I am in dire need of a new look. I have been flipping and curling my natural hair for a long time. And I am honestly ready to retire this hair. I believe it’s boring and it's time to experiment with something new, fresh and funky. The last article that I wrote that was hair related was “Colored Hair: Should Women Wear?”. In this article I spoke of the fashion world’s new fascination with colorful headed fashionistas. I also expressed how I loved seeing women in their colorful hair, but it was so clear that it wasn’t for me because I don’t like to dye my hair.

One of the newer hair trends that has caught my attention are the box braids.  For a long time; braids, dreads, and afros have scared me. But, it seems to have a strange appeal to me these days. And I have been considering a natural hairstyle for a few months now. I remember seeing a very beautiful young lady at the Grosse Pointe Woods fireworks with blonde dreads and it’s been like a never ending cycle of me trying to find a similar hairstyle.

Image of Beyonce

Image of Solange via

A couple of days ago I took to my Google search engine and typed in boxed braids. To my surprise I saw BeyoncĂ© (my favorite style star) rocking the box braids. It was like the confirmation that this trend is fabulous and it's something I should be diving into. I also saw pictures of her sister, Solange and I thought she looked absolute perfection. And of course I looked at images of women that aren’t celebrities and I loved their hairstyles in box braids as well.

So should I get box braids? And the answer is yes in my opinion. I’m young, black and I think that both of these facts correlate with the braided hairstyle.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School We Go! (Supplies and Fashion)

I can hardly believe how fast we have moved in to the month of August. It literally seems as if I was just on campus finishing up my finals for the winter semester. But regardless of my feelings, school will be back in session soon. So it is important for me and all of you college students to make sure that we have the proper supplies. I paid a visit to teen vogue and came across some pretty cool supplies which I’ve placed in the collage above.

These are backpacks and laptop cases. I love all of these. I found all of these items on urbanouttfiters and asos. The reason I suggest the items above is because they are all super cute. And it is a cute-fashionable way to keep all of your belongings secure while walking around on campus.

Clueless School Girl Images via

Another thing that should be considered for back to school is one’s style. A couple of trends that I have come across are the school girl trend and the headscarf trend. The school girl fashion trend is perfect for school because it is a reenactment of the 90’s clueless fashion style. The headscarf trend is an evolvement of the turban trend that took place in previous years.