Friday, January 27, 2012

The Shoe Game!

I love shoes because they are one of the key elements in one’s attire.  Whenever I am getting dressed I usually try on more then one pair of shoes before I deem my look complete.  I recently spoke to my “Best Friend Forever” and she told me that I had a lot of shoes. Then she continued and asked “where do you plan on going in these shoes?” I told her I wasn’t sure but despite that fact I am ready for whatever occasion comes my way.  She laughed and stated that I was dramatic; which I can be at times I guess. But, I believe shoes help share one’s personality with the world. The shoes that a person puts on their feet says something to the people it walks past.” Along with that I must say no one should neglect the shoe game. And in order for a person to achieve amazing style that individual must sport amazing shoes. 

Shoes to marvel:

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Old People Love My Coat!

I know I may sound spoiled for a 21 year old woman because I am constantly talking about the clothes and shoes I have received for Christmas. But, I can’t take credit for the purchase of my fabulous fur coat that was given to me last year by my mother.  It’s nothing like an extremely warm article of clothing and the black faux fur takes the win.

The winter months in Michigan brings some of the chilliest weather.  Fortunately, enough for us Michiganders this winter hasn’t been as painful as our past seasons of snow, wind chill and low temperatures. But, despite this lovely fact it is still required for the people that reside here in Michigan to bundle up if they want to avoid gaining pneumonia or any other sickness.

To avoid sickness due to cold weather conditions I bundle up in my faux fur coat. My favorite winter piece is none other than this coat. The black coat can be matched with most of my winter wardrobe. As a result I have happily managed to keep myself warm during the winter months. Unfortunately, my peers don’t feel the same way about my bundling efforts. The one thing I’ve noticed is that my coat doesn’t seem to appeal to the younger demographic. All my friends seem to chuckle whenever I arrive in my coat and they say things like; “You love that coat. Don’t you girl?”

But, I get endless compliments from women that are twice my age and older. My mother’s friends love it, my great aunt loves it, and the list continues.  I wore my coat just last week to my friend’s house. When I arrived she had a big smile on her face when she greeted me at the door. Along with her facial expression; she said “You and that coat OMG”. But, shortly after that my friend’s mother saw my coat and gave me continuous praise for it. If I’m not mistaken she called it sharp and stylish. I don’t  know what it is about young people and their lack of appreciation for style and my faux fur coat. But, hopefully I will come across more people my age that love fashion the way that I do.

I was having a moment in the above image. It rarely happens in front of the camera so I had to put this picture up. This might be my all-time favorite image of myself. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What About Those Eyebrows?

I have currently gone two months without getting my eyebrows done by a professional. This means my eyebrows have not been threaded or waxed. These two processes are great for maintaining a polished and neat appearance, but I rather do my own eyebrows with my tweezers and scissors. My reason being is that I can do them better than anyone else could.  I take my eyebrows very seriously because I know it plays a major role in a person’s appearance.

The power of a person’s eyebrow maintenance is amazing. It really is one of the key elements in a person’s look. If someone has well done eyebrows it can make them appear polished. If a person has poorly done eyebrows it can make them appear strange.

There are a variety of ways a person can make their eyebrows more or less appealing. They can have them waxed, threaded, tweezed, cut, or even apply pencil or mascara to them. One can use a combination of these things to make their eyebrows better or worse. But, my most hated method for eyebrow maintenance is the use of the pencil.

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I understand the eye pencil can make eyebrows look better. But, it is one of the easiest methods to mess up. I have seen people draw their eyebrows on crooked, far above the brow line, or even two straight lines in place of their eyebrows.  I also mentioned that people can use a combination of things to make their eyebrows look upsetting. When a person combines the overly tweezed eyebrows with a bad pencil job it is sickening.  The possibilities are endless with the pencil. And it can make a person’s face scary if done incorrectly.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dress Up and the Glory Attached!

Boredom is for the less creative individual. The one that likes to use excuses for; simply wasting their time. If a person is sitting around doing nothing and they are relaxing that’s fine. But, if a person is sitting around and claiming to be bored; that’s their fault.

Luckily, because I recognize that boredom is developed by the uncreative I have gathered a series of things to do. One of my never dying hobbies includes dress up. Dress up is my baby savior when I am in a bored state. I walk to my closet grab items and try them on in front of my mirror. This hobby gives me the opportunity to see what clothes I have and what new and fun ways I  can piece them together.  As a result of my dress up affairs I came up with a super cute outfit to party in a few weekends back. The outfit was so much fun to wear and it was super creative.  It consisted of a gold cheetah print dress, long lace skirt, my favorite denim jacket, my prom clutch and blue-black heels.

I went to Downtown Royal Oak, MI and partied with my best friend and sister that night. Of course I had a blast and got plenty of compliments on my outfit. I must say I loved the sassy outfit I wore that night and if it wasn’t  for my dress up hobby I wouldn’t have established such style glory.

 I am so happy in this picture because I am going out in super sassy threads.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Colorful Hair: Should Women Wear?

Expressive fashion is what matters these days. People need to do what they can to grab the attention of those in the fashion world. What better way to get attention than to color one’s hair funky?

Clean sharp clothing is what us fashion fanatics crave. But, when you combine a well-dressed woman with colored hair, we go nuts over her. Sure a lot of women dye their hair to cover their grays or to convey a certain look. But, I am referring to the edgy rule-breaker women that have stepped away from the common black, brown and blonde hair dye. Instead they have applied hues and pastel colors to their hair. Funky colored hair is definitely becoming more fashionable and has a very charming effect on a women’s look when done correctly (professionally).

I currently have black hair and it is probably going to stay that way for a while. But, that doesn’t stop me from marveling over the many colors that are being put in women’s hair. Multi-colored streaks, hue tips, pink blondes, and bold solid colored hair all tickle my fancy.

So the question stands; should women wear hues or pastel colors in their hair? And the answer is simple; sure if they like. If they want to bring more edge to their look then they should go ahead and grab some dye. People only live once and besides it's their fashion life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wear More Accessories: Outfitting!

Handbags, bows, bow ties, collars, necklaces, headbands, rings, earrings and bracelets can all play a role in the way an outfit looks. Sometimes an outfit may look better without the following items, but for the most part there is usually room to use them. When styling one’s self, a person must be informed about what items are trending and have a strong eye that is full of creativity.  That eye of creativity is usually most important because it helps pair things in a clever and tasteful way. My creativity goes into full force when I am listening to music. I have mentioned before that I love to play dress up while I am listening to music. The music is the key to putting something together that is super cute or even outrageous.

Ways to Wear Accessories:

The arm party is simple. All you have to do it load your arm with bracelets and bangles. It’s a fun way to accessorize. I know a lot of women that do this on a regular basis and it’s fabulous.  I have joined in on the fun and have dressed my wrist and arm with large amounts of jewelry.  This method of jewelry wearing is fashionable and will grab a lot of attention.

Take a Manly Approach and Wear a Bow Tie or a Collar:

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Wearing a bow tie has sparked from the tuxedo trend that is currently in place. The high fashion collar stems from this trend as well.  Both items give a woman’s outfit a serious appearance when worn properly. I personally like to see these two items worn with dresses.

Have a Ridiculous Ring Rave:

Since, the Man Repeller decided to come up with a method for wearing jewelry on the arms. I decided to make up one for wearing a large about of rings. I call it the ring rave. All you have to do is dress your fingers with a large amount of rings and you will have a bold fashion statement.

Handbags can pop with Color and Design:

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Color makes everything better in my opinion. So what better way to dress up your outfit than to add a bold colorful handbag? Dressing up your outfit with a pop of color shows your witty style. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dr. Martens Tweets My DIY Glittery Docs!

Today when I reached my computer I discovered something fascinating. I learned that Dr.Martens tweeted my boots. Yes, the company stated their love for my glittery boots in a tweet to their 30,000 plus followers. Along with these words tweeted followed a picture of my boots and links leading their followers to my blog.

My love for Doc Martens runs deep. So I found it extremely exciting when the company acknowledged me for my first DIY project. I must say it is pretty cool to see that my Glitter Doc Martens didn’t go unnoticed.

-Thank You Dr. Martens

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Nasty Gal Approach!

What’s the Deal with Bows?

Image via

There has been a lot of bow action taking place in our present day. Women have been wearing bow hair accessories and bow ties. These two items can help women send a message of fun and serious fashion sense. I personally love seeing women in these items.

The hair ornaments that involve these bows can be seen as a little childish in the eyes as serious fashion critics. But, I believe that bows in one’s hair are another fun way to show off a woman’s sense of humor.  I wear bows in my hair causally all the time.
Image via
The bows ties worn by women are a more serious approach to including the bows in a look. The bow tie displays a woman’s respect for the tuxedo trend. This has been a great way to express a strong sense of fashion and display a sort of youthfulness all at the same time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY: Glittery Dr. Martens

While waiting for Christmas day to approach this past December I developed my Christmas List for Santa Claus (who I know doesn’t really exist). The one thing that was at the top of my list included a pair of glittery Doc Martens which I stumbled across while style stalking fellow fashion bloggers on Tumblr. Unfortunately, when I went to search for these boots via Google I discovered that there were no Glittery Doc Martens to be sold. Yes, it was another frustration casted by a fabulous find.

Luckily, enough I received a pair of shiny patent leather Doc Martens for Christmas; leaving me with two pairs of the same boots. This was an opportunity to cover a pair of my boots in glitter. Of course my new Doc Martens that I received for Christmas were extremely shiny and completely flawless. So I took my older pair of Docs and decided to start my first DIY project.  

After repeated washing of my shoes, tons of tacky glue and spray paint gloss; I developed combat boot glory.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year!!

The year 2011 served as the biggest learning experience for me.  I learned the true meaning of friendship. I learned how to cope with disappointments. I learned the value of time and the importance of staying true to one’s self; because trying to be something you’re not just wastes your time.

Yes, 2011 provided me with a lot of guidance for my future and taught me that change isn’t a bad thing at all. Starting last year off I told myself that I wouldn’t change a thing about me. I soon learned that I had a lot of maturing and growing to do in order to achieve any of my goals. What’s ironic about last year is I made more changes then I have ever made in my entire existence. I changed my field of study from marketing to fashion design. I changed my diet and exercising habits. I changed the way I handled conflict and controversy. I changed the things that I posted on twitter and facebook.  I changed my outlets for my emotions. I changed my expectations of people and learned that the best friend anyone can really have is God. 

So this year I decided that I wouldn’t be so closed-minded and I would embrace any changes that come my way. In 2012 I plan to enjoy what life has to offer. I have set a New Year’s resolution, which involves me being more patience and developing a balance for my life. As you get older life brings more responsibilities and finding the right balance can make most things better.