Saturday, January 14, 2012

Colorful Hair: Should Women Wear?

Expressive fashion is what matters these days. People need to do what they can to grab the attention of those in the fashion world. What better way to get attention than to color one’s hair funky?

Clean sharp clothing is what us fashion fanatics crave. But, when you combine a well-dressed woman with colored hair, we go nuts over her. Sure a lot of women dye their hair to cover their grays or to convey a certain look. But, I am referring to the edgy rule-breaker women that have stepped away from the common black, brown and blonde hair dye. Instead they have applied hues and pastel colors to their hair. Funky colored hair is definitely becoming more fashionable and has a very charming effect on a women’s look when done correctly (professionally).

I currently have black hair and it is probably going to stay that way for a while. But, that doesn’t stop me from marveling over the many colors that are being put in women’s hair. Multi-colored streaks, hue tips, pink blondes, and bold solid colored hair all tickle my fancy.

So the question stands; should women wear hues or pastel colors in their hair? And the answer is simple; sure if they like. If they want to bring more edge to their look then they should go ahead and grab some dye. People only live once and besides it's their fashion life.


  1. I agree, do what makes you happy, not what other people say you should or shouldn't do. I'd looove to dye my hair but with dark hair it's more difficult and expensive. Bleaching does a lot of damage. Maybe one day I'll take a shot at it though, I'd love to get deep purple highlights!