Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY: Glittery Dr. Martens

While waiting for Christmas day to approach this past December I developed my Christmas List for Santa Claus (who I know doesn’t really exist). The one thing that was at the top of my list included a pair of glittery Doc Martens which I stumbled across while style stalking fellow fashion bloggers on Tumblr. Unfortunately, when I went to search for these boots via Google I discovered that there were no Glittery Doc Martens to be sold. Yes, it was another frustration casted by a fabulous find.

Luckily, enough I received a pair of shiny patent leather Doc Martens for Christmas; leaving me with two pairs of the same boots. This was an opportunity to cover a pair of my boots in glitter. Of course my new Doc Martens that I received for Christmas were extremely shiny and completely flawless. So I took my older pair of Docs and decided to start my first DIY project.  

After repeated washing of my shoes, tons of tacky glue and spray paint gloss; I developed combat boot glory.


  1. Thanks for the follow...I am returning the blog love by following back!

    Now these glittery docs is right up my alley for when I get in one of my tomboy moods...that was a great DIY. Funky and cute!


  2. awesome!!! cute idea love your boots they look great!

  3. wow! amazing! can you do a step by step on how to make the original boots to yours cause there amazing!

    1. idk how she did it but im gonna try... seems pretty easy just tacky glue the glitter & apply a gloss in the form of spray paint & voila!