Monday, January 9, 2012

Dr. Martens Tweets My DIY Glittery Docs!

Today when I reached my computer I discovered something fascinating. I learned that Dr.Martens tweeted my boots. Yes, the company stated their love for my glittery boots in a tweet to their 30,000 plus followers. Along with these words tweeted followed a picture of my boots and links leading their followers to my blog.

My love for Doc Martens runs deep. So I found it extremely exciting when the company acknowledged me for my first DIY project. I must say it is pretty cool to see that my Glitter Doc Martens didn’t go unnoticed.

-Thank You Dr. Martens


  1. that's so cool! and I really love the shoes!

  2. nice post
    new follower of ur blog
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  3. They turned out great! Would never know it was a DIY project. Two thumbs up for the tweet too :)