Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dress Up and the Glory Attached!

Boredom is for the less creative individual. The one that likes to use excuses for; simply wasting their time. If a person is sitting around doing nothing and they are relaxing that’s fine. But, if a person is sitting around and claiming to be bored; that’s their fault.

Luckily, because I recognize that boredom is developed by the uncreative I have gathered a series of things to do. One of my never dying hobbies includes dress up. Dress up is my baby savior when I am in a bored state. I walk to my closet grab items and try them on in front of my mirror. This hobby gives me the opportunity to see what clothes I have and what new and fun ways I  can piece them together.  As a result of my dress up affairs I came up with a super cute outfit to party in a few weekends back. The outfit was so much fun to wear and it was super creative.  It consisted of a gold cheetah print dress, long lace skirt, my favorite denim jacket, my prom clutch and blue-black heels.

I went to Downtown Royal Oak, MI and partied with my best friend and sister that night. Of course I had a blast and got plenty of compliments on my outfit. I must say I loved the sassy outfit I wore that night and if it wasn’t  for my dress up hobby I wouldn’t have established such style glory.

 I am so happy in this picture because I am going out in super sassy threads.

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