Monday, January 23, 2012

Old People Love My Coat!

I know I may sound spoiled for a 21 year old woman because I am constantly talking about the clothes and shoes I have received for Christmas. But, I can’t take credit for the purchase of my fabulous fur coat that was given to me last year by my mother.  It’s nothing like an extremely warm article of clothing and the black faux fur takes the win.

The winter months in Michigan brings some of the chilliest weather.  Fortunately, enough for us Michiganders this winter hasn’t been as painful as our past seasons of snow, wind chill and low temperatures. But, despite this lovely fact it is still required for the people that reside here in Michigan to bundle up if they want to avoid gaining pneumonia or any other sickness.

To avoid sickness due to cold weather conditions I bundle up in my faux fur coat. My favorite winter piece is none other than this coat. The black coat can be matched with most of my winter wardrobe. As a result I have happily managed to keep myself warm during the winter months. Unfortunately, my peers don’t feel the same way about my bundling efforts. The one thing I’ve noticed is that my coat doesn’t seem to appeal to the younger demographic. All my friends seem to chuckle whenever I arrive in my coat and they say things like; “You love that coat. Don’t you girl?”

But, I get endless compliments from women that are twice my age and older. My mother’s friends love it, my great aunt loves it, and the list continues.  I wore my coat just last week to my friend’s house. When I arrived she had a big smile on her face when she greeted me at the door. Along with her facial expression; she said “You and that coat OMG”. But, shortly after that my friend’s mother saw my coat and gave me continuous praise for it. If I’m not mistaken she called it sharp and stylish. I don’t  know what it is about young people and their lack of appreciation for style and my faux fur coat. But, hopefully I will come across more people my age that love fashion the way that I do.

I was having a moment in the above image. It rarely happens in front of the camera so I had to put this picture up. This might be my all-time favorite image of myself. 


  1. amazing coat !!!! love your outfit ^^
    plzz check out my fanpage

  2. love your coat (I'm an old lady)
    ADORE your pants!!!

  3. Great outfit, I have the same purse, it's moschino.

  4. Awesome coat cuttie...And I'm not older...