Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wear More Accessories: Outfitting!

Handbags, bows, bow ties, collars, necklaces, headbands, rings, earrings and bracelets can all play a role in the way an outfit looks. Sometimes an outfit may look better without the following items, but for the most part there is usually room to use them. When styling one’s self, a person must be informed about what items are trending and have a strong eye that is full of creativity.  That eye of creativity is usually most important because it helps pair things in a clever and tasteful way. My creativity goes into full force when I am listening to music. I have mentioned before that I love to play dress up while I am listening to music. The music is the key to putting something together that is super cute or even outrageous.

Ways to Wear Accessories:

The arm party is simple. All you have to do it load your arm with bracelets and bangles. It’s a fun way to accessorize. I know a lot of women that do this on a regular basis and it’s fabulous.  I have joined in on the fun and have dressed my wrist and arm with large amounts of jewelry.  This method of jewelry wearing is fashionable and will grab a lot of attention.

Take a Manly Approach and Wear a Bow Tie or a Collar:

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Wearing a bow tie has sparked from the tuxedo trend that is currently in place. The high fashion collar stems from this trend as well.  Both items give a woman’s outfit a serious appearance when worn properly. I personally like to see these two items worn with dresses.

Have a Ridiculous Ring Rave:

Since, the Man Repeller decided to come up with a method for wearing jewelry on the arms. I decided to make up one for wearing a large about of rings. I call it the ring rave. All you have to do is dress your fingers with a large amount of rings and you will have a bold fashion statement.

Handbags can pop with Color and Design:

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Color makes everything better in my opinion. So what better way to dress up your outfit than to add a bold colorful handbag? Dressing up your outfit with a pop of color shows your witty style. 


  1. Love the bracelets! Great photos!!

  2. i agree--color does make everything better. even if i wear everything black, i always remember to add color with my accessories. :)

    have a great wknd.

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  4. great post!! i love the ring are super amazing <3
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