Saturday, January 7, 2012

What’s the Deal with Bows?

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There has been a lot of bow action taking place in our present day. Women have been wearing bow hair accessories and bow ties. These two items can help women send a message of fun and serious fashion sense. I personally love seeing women in these items.

The hair ornaments that involve these bows can be seen as a little childish in the eyes as serious fashion critics. But, I believe that bows in one’s hair are another fun way to show off a woman’s sense of humor.  I wear bows in my hair causally all the time.
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The bows ties worn by women are a more serious approach to including the bows in a look. The bow tie displays a woman’s respect for the tuxedo trend. This has been a great way to express a strong sense of fashion and display a sort of youthfulness all at the same time.

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