Monday, February 6, 2012

The Well Defined Ring Rave!

A few weeks back I mentioned that people in general should wear more jewelry.  For those of you that read the Man Repeller (one of the hypest fashion blogs of our time) then you should be familiar with her method for wearing multiple accessories on your wrist. If not then let me inform you that it is referred to as the Arm Party. Of course because I am a pretty cool individual and I am not in to stealing people’s  ideas and taking them for my own, I am passing credit to her for my ring rave.

The ring rave is a method for wearing multiple rings on your fingers. The reason I have decided to call it the ring rave is because in my younger years whenever I thought of a person that wore a lot of rings on their fingers I instantly put them in the category of a person that might attend a rave. I know this may seem a bit ridiculous to some of you but this is the reality of my former thought process. Of course it is pretty clear that I don’t think like that anymore because those are my fingers stationed in the photographs above. And let me make it known that I am not a pill popping animal that attends raves. But I did think the name for wearing a lot of rings was rather fitting.


  1. Nice! love the ring on the middlefinger... still learning to accesorise... will get there someday hopefully!


  2. Very interesting!
    I like the name that you put it!

  3. Hey! Nice to meet you yesterday, love the "ring rave", I'm an avid ring raver as well haha

  4. I love all of them !