Monday, March 5, 2012

Here Comes the Sun: Fashion Trends for the Spring/Summer!

Spring and summer is the time of year that invites fun vibrant colors, less clothing, and unstylish tacky exposures of the body. The requirement of less clothing seems to result in me seeing tightly fitted booty shorts, see-through tops on misshapen bodies, and more ridiculousness. I figured a small way to help decrease the fashion disasters that are often seen in the sunny weather is to pass on the trends. I am doing this in hopes that my eyes don’t meet with hookers, like the one I described in Dress Your Age.  

High Slit Dresses:

High slits are something I haven’t tackled yet. But I do believe it is bringing sexy back in an old school sort of way.
Wide Leg Pants:

Big wide colorful pants are something you can wear in the spring and summer. They are one of the key elements for fabulous fashion and style.

Harness Accessories:

Harness Accessories one of those crazy sexy cool trends. Harnesses were invented to retrain crazy individuals. But now they are cool and sexy because it is a fashion in which people include in their look; laughable to me. But it is fine if no one else finds it funny. But despite my funny thought this is the trend I will be experimenting with soon.

Peter Pan Collar:

I don’t know how I feel about this trend but I can say that it matters. So if you want to wear it, wear it.

Crochet Swimsuit:

I love this crochet swimsuit. I think it is adorable and sexy. Of course I would never take a dip in the pool in this. But I could see myself dressing this causally with some jeans and a sheer white button up. 

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  1. I am loving the peter pan collar trend. nice post!