Friday, May 25, 2012

Stiletto Nails!


The pointy nail has always looked a little dark and demented to me until now. For whatever reason this nail trend that has been floating around for years now is all of a suddenly appealing to me.  So I thought I would share the new nails that I plan to place in to my style soon; the stiletto nail.

The lovely stiletto nail seems to add an edginess that is slightly shocking. Like I said when I first saw the nails I thought they looked too demonic. But like most Pisces I change my mind a lot and I suddenly love these nails and I think they are extremely fashionable. But I can say that some of the stiletto nails can be too pointy but for the most part they can be really fabulous.

I could see myself wearing this style of nails with a heavy glitter polish to give it a less serious look. I would place a friendly mint green on the nails because pastels are a must and plus mint green is super cute. I would do a bright pink with the nails because I love pink nails in the summer time. Or possibly a heavily designed set because it would help bring out that fun tacky girl that I keep tucked away for social approval.

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