Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Videos: The Clothing that Malesha Marvels!

The things that artist wear in videos can be somewhat shocking, fashionable, stylish and playful. I know I am probably not the only person that has turned on a video and thought wow that outfit is really cool. Or has wondered who made their outfit or even who the stylist is that put something so creative together. Well if you read this and think to yourself "No Malesha I have never wondered this", well then I am merely speaking for myself exclusively.
Watching videos is not something I do often but I will say that whenever I do I tend to become fascinated by the outfits and costumes that were put together. I love seeing attire that is different and interesting. Artist like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson have all wowed me at some point in my life.
Nicki Minaj always looks colorful and interesting. And I honestly love the amount of effort put into the outfitting and style that she has developed over recent years.

Rihanna has dressed in ways that I don’t always agree with. But there is no denying that this woman is always capturing our attention. And during her Loud album I fell in love with her fun-bright-bubbly sense of style which is a big inspiration for me as a woman.

Chris Brown is known for being a bad boy for several reasons but you can’t discredit his sense of fashion and style. I can really appreciate his style because it’s youthful and colorful and whenever he has a new video I usually marvel over the fashions incorporated.

Beyonce has always been my favorite style star. I wholeheartedly admire Beyonce’s style. She is able be sexy,sassy and even crazy and I love every moment of it.

Lady Gaga is a true superstar and her everyday style reflects something she might actually wear in a videos. But despite my love for her everyday style there are things in her video that she wears that has amazed me.

Michael Jackson was the ultimate music star and his videos were literally like mini movies. Some of my favorite videos of his include Thriller, Ghost, and Remember the Time.