Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion Flashback: Upper Arm Cuff

What a flashback?  I remember when I was younger wishing that I had an upper arm cuff. I thought they were the coolest thing on the planet. I believe the first time I took interest in the product I saw it on Erykah Badu. Here we are about 12 years later and no one I know even wears this awesome pieces of jewelry. Nor have I even heard any real mention of the upper arm cuff. I'm not sure where one would be able to find this divine accessory. But I'm sure if it was found  it would be great for dressing up a fabulous summer outfit.

A simple fashion flashback could really make you stand out in the crowd and make your look extremely interesting. Plus this super cute cuff reminds me of something a tribal princess would wear. And everyone is loving tribal these days.


  1. I used to really be into this upper arm cuff trend! I used to hit up all the markets and vendors when I was a teen for these.

    Great fashion flashback!

  2. I wear these all the time and have been for years and I'm only 23! Best found at stores like asos and freepeople and outdoor flea markets. Can also make yourself in a jewelry class like I plan on doing this summer :)