Friday, June 22, 2012

What Should You Tattoo?

Body Art is the one thing that helps give people you’ve never even met an idea of who you really are.  Tattoos are things that give people a glimpse of what interest you. This sort of bodily display of art is something that will remain permanently attached to one’s skin unless it is removed with laser treatments.

So what should a person get if they want a tattoo, well the answer is simply; whatever you deem important and hold deeply to your heart. I do caution people that things that you hold close to your heart at this present moment could easily change with pasting days, months and years. This is important to consider when you get your boyfriend's or girlfriend’s named tattooed on you, or that tattoo of your favorite cartoon character.

The tattoo that I have attached to my body is place on my shoulder and it reads "Te Amo" which means I love you in Spanish.  Of course this is the only tattoo that I have on my body. But it is very important to me because it’s about not looking back to those that have let you down and have no intention of making it right. When I was eighteen I meant a man that would tell me he loved me whenever he had the chance. But he seriously never did anything to show me and as a result I was left with an earful of I love yous and an empty heart.

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