Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stylish Words!

Stylin Words!

I always love when I find a great piece of clothing or an accessory that really captures my feelings on something. You can’t beat an awesome t-shirt, bracelet, necklace or even a pair of violent lips that have words that represent you. It’s a great way to tell literate individuals something without even saying anything.

In the above image I have put together a collage of cool fashions that I would wear. Some of the pieces supports my religious beliefs, while others express my confidence, and my sense of humor. This is one of the simplest forms of fashion expression. And if any of the items tickles your fancy, then click any of the images below the collage and it will lead to the website where it is sold.

Monday, July 30, 2012

It’s Not Easy Being Green!

My style is based on what I am most comfortable in. The clothing I wear doesn’t always have to be on trend or considered cool. It simply has to make me smile when I put it on. I believe that’s what should drive everyone’s personal style but unfortunately that’s not always the case. People take too long staring at their outfit in the mirror, while wondering what everyone else will think about it.

It’s a pity and shame, but for a long time I have let the opinions, thoughts and standards of others drive my style. But it is only by God’s sweet grace I have the confidence to wear what makes me the happiest. Once I took the worry out of what people thought about my style; fashion became fun again. I started experimenting with more trends, playing with my makeup and hair.

So people know that it’s never easy being different from others at first. But once you get use to yourself other people will too. So don’t let others start defining your style, your actions, and your confidence.

Dress & Accessories from H&M
Shoes are Simply Vera

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I See Eyeliner: Cat Eyes!

I was sitting down with my precious little brother and he stops, looks at me and says “Malesha you are so beautiful.” At the time my hair was in its most natural state and I had no makeup on. So I hesitated when I told him “Thank you.” But he then confirmed that his comment was genuine and that I looked better without any make up. In fact he even went as far to say that I was ugly with makeup. And If I wanted to get married in the near future that I should just leave the make-up alone. This brings me back to an article I wrote entitled “Women's Fashion Trends that Men Hate!” This blog post literally talks about all the clothes and makeup that men dislike on women.This former article makes claims that men dislike women that wear a lot of makeup because they come off as if they are hiding something.  

My brother's attempt to keep me from wearing facial cosmetic products was a true failure. I was literally in my makeup box that same day loading on liquid eyeliner. As result of my brother’s efforts to keep me from wearing makeup; I discovered my new look during my act of rebellion. This includes my milder vision of Amy Winehouse’s cat eyes. I tested this look out and every woman I came across loved my cat eyes. But sure enough all my male friends expressed their strong dislike for my personal taste in makeup. I guess the article I wrote when I first started blogging was correct.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Shoe Game: Part 2!

Last time I spoke of shoes; I mentioned my love for them in my first shoe game post.  I shared my best friend’s concern over my possible shoe addiction. And I also spoke of how important shoes are whenever an individual is styling an outfit. Well, let me also mention the importance of having shoes that don’t fall apart. I was literally on my first date with a guy I met about a week ago and my sandal just popped. Of course I didn't think that my shoe would collapse being that I paid $70 for these thong sandals. Because I was so embarrassed by this sandal malfunction, I won’t be wearing anymore Steve Madden Shoes. This is an awful brand that sales it’s customer defective footwear. But beyond my broken shoes, I wanted to share some shoes that hopefully won’t break.

Shoes to Marvel:
I found these Hello Kitty Sneakers on solestruck’s instragram. How cute are these shoes. I would definiatly where these in the fall.

I also found these skeleton studded flats on solestruck's instagram. I would love to have these pair of shoes in my closet.

I found the image of these shoes on yrkim.tumblr.com. I love anything Doc Marten.

I believe this is Versace which is super dope. If only I were rich, these shoes would be on my feet. This image is from jess-lovesyouuuuu.tumblr.com

The Source Of My Embarrassment :
The shoes that just didn't last on my outing with a cute guy. It is really sad. RIP Steve Madden you are dead in my book.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Detroit Style, Maybe?

Saturday was one of those days where I simply wanted to get out the house, wear heels and chat it up with my girlfriends. So of course I called three of my closest friends and we went out to dinner at Union Street in Midtown Detroit. This restaurant is literally my favorite; the food is amazing and there is always an interesting crowd.

The outfit that I wore Saturday was fun. It consisted of a top and leather shorts from Forever 21, Dempsey heels from Baker’s Shoes, and a pink clutch from Asos. This was great for my ego; because what woman doesn’t feel like fashion royalty when they’re in a great pair of heels. And the pop of color added by my clutch really made the outfit standout.

But beyond my outfit, my outing with my friends was thoroughly enjoyable. I ate great food, my drink was amazing and I even met a man with some pretty cool hair. I saw him sitting at the bar and when I noticed his Elvis Presley hairdo, I knew I had to get a picture. This man definitely has his own style and I loved every moment of it. He may be the beginning of Fashion's Name's Detroit style series.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Acne Cover-Ups and Clear-Ups

Acne Cover-Ups and Clear-Ups

I’ve struggled with acne for about 2 years. And I am finally at a place in my life where I know what helps my face and what makes it go crazy. I have put a collage of all the things I use to help clear up my skin. Then I also included some of the make-up I like to use whenever I want my face to look sassy. Finding what works for you and your skin is one of those things that you never really stop learning. I'm starting to learn that you get better with your self presentation as life goes forward.

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For those of you that have acne and need some real coverage; watch the video that I've posted. This youtube make-up artist is truly amazing. She is the reason I started using the Make-up Forever HD Powder.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Homecoming Dress Worn on July 4th!

I remember obsessing over what I would wear to my homecoming dance during my senior year. I also wondered who I would take as a date. After that worry had been removed by the arrival of the homecoming dance I was upset about something else. I was so mad because my date wore a mint green suit and I remember thinking that we looked like Christmas together. I believe my anger during my life of no bills and no adult-like responsibilities (High School) must have been a part of my adolescence stage. I imagine that I had it pretty easy, going through school because all I worried about was dances and homework. I wonder if that is one of things Katy Perry was thinking about when she was singing “Teenage Dream.”

But I guess I wasn’t wrong to a least think that my date and I looked like Christmas time because my mother stated my exact thought a loud. She also expressed that I looked like Wilma Flintstone because of the red and gold beads around my neck. But when someone makes a reference like that you can’t help but laugh because it is clearly not true. But anyone that knows my mother can expect her to say something like that because she is such a big jokester.

 It’s so funny how the things that are important to you during one sector of your life become completely and totally irrelevant in another. I say this because the dress that I wore to this homecoming dance sat in my closet for 4 years before I even realized that I even still had it. Now here I am 4 years later wearing this dress casually with a pair of cute gold Steve Madden sandals for my 4th of July celebration. I literally ate Bar-B-Q and watched fireworks in this dress this past Wednesday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sparklers on July 5th!

Examine the excitement.

The Fourth of July was a sure joy. I got to hang out with my best friend and her family. I ate amazing food. I wore a pretty cute dress and my friend and her family lit up fireworks that night. I am not a real fan of lighting big fireworks so I asked if anyone knew where I could get sparklers and of course everyone answered “no”.  But yesterday I was out in Pontiac, MI in a local liquor store and a couple of short moments after entering the door my eyes were met with Sparklers. I was overwhelmed with happiness.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Detroit Hoedown!

The 30th Detroit Hoedown took place the beginning of June. I know that it might seem weird for me to be discussing something that took place almost a month ago but I figured what could it hurt. So despite this lovely fact it really was a fun-filled event with lots of games, food, drinks and of course grade “A” country music.
This year I attended the event with my brother. I wore a simple outfit that was still hip for the occasion. It consisted of a simple white shirt I got from Forever 21, a floral skirt I found at Charlotte Russe some years back and a pair of cowboy boots that I scored from Baker’s Shoes. All of the things that I put together for this event were old items. I know this may sound boring to some but I honestly love when I put a cute outfit together and I haven’t spent my most recently earn dollars on it. It literally makes my fashion-life a hundred times sweeter.
The FARM performing at the event. They were amazing and I loved their energy on stage.

But beyond my satisfaction with my outfit, the event was a blast. This year’s music festival was held at  Comerica park. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Comerica Park, it is located in downtown Detroit and this is where we hold all of own baseball games during the baseball season. So for those of you that love country music and have fun dressing up in cowboy boots this is the place for you during the first weekend in June. 

My lovely drink.