Friday, July 13, 2012

Acne Cover-Ups and Clear-Ups

Acne Cover-Ups and Clear-Ups

I’ve struggled with acne for about 2 years. And I am finally at a place in my life where I know what helps my face and what makes it go crazy. I have put a collage of all the things I use to help clear up my skin. Then I also included some of the make-up I like to use whenever I want my face to look sassy. Finding what works for you and your skin is one of those things that you never really stop learning. I'm starting to learn that you get better with your self presentation as life goes forward.

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For those of you that have acne and need some real coverage; watch the video that I've posted. This youtube make-up artist is truly amazing. She is the reason I started using the Make-up Forever HD Powder.


  1. I've never suffered from acne but I do have a crappy case of hyper pigmentation which gives me the blues most days. Vitamin supplements are definitely a good thing.. treating the skin from within :)

    1. Yes.. The Vitamin A's have worked wonders on my skin.. I love all the products above.

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  3. nice post!!