Monday, July 2, 2012

The Detroit Hoedown!

The 30th Detroit Hoedown took place the beginning of June. I know that it might seem weird for me to be discussing something that took place almost a month ago but I figured what could it hurt. So despite this lovely fact it really was a fun-filled event with lots of games, food, drinks and of course grade “A” country music.
This year I attended the event with my brother. I wore a simple outfit that was still hip for the occasion. It consisted of a simple white shirt I got from Forever 21, a floral skirt I found at Charlotte Russe some years back and a pair of cowboy boots that I scored from Baker’s Shoes. All of the things that I put together for this event were old items. I know this may sound boring to some but I honestly love when I put a cute outfit together and I haven’t spent my most recently earn dollars on it. It literally makes my fashion-life a hundred times sweeter.
The FARM performing at the event. They were amazing and I loved their energy on stage.

But beyond my satisfaction with my outfit, the event was a blast. This year’s music festival was held at  Comerica park. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Comerica Park, it is located in downtown Detroit and this is where we hold all of own baseball games during the baseball season. So for those of you that love country music and have fun dressing up in cowboy boots this is the place for you during the first weekend in June. 

My lovely drink.

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  1. So jealous! I usualy go, but this year I was out of town :(