Sunday, July 29, 2012

I See Eyeliner: Cat Eyes!

I was sitting down with my precious little brother and he stops, looks at me and says “Malesha you are so beautiful.” At the time my hair was in its most natural state and I had no makeup on. So I hesitated when I told him “Thank you.” But he then confirmed that his comment was genuine and that I looked better without any make up. In fact he even went as far to say that I was ugly with makeup. And If I wanted to get married in the near future that I should just leave the make-up alone. This brings me back to an article I wrote entitled “Women's Fashion Trends that Men Hate!” This blog post literally talks about all the clothes and makeup that men dislike on women.This former article makes claims that men dislike women that wear a lot of makeup because they come off as if they are hiding something.  

My brother's attempt to keep me from wearing facial cosmetic products was a true failure. I was literally in my makeup box that same day loading on liquid eyeliner. As result of my brother’s efforts to keep me from wearing makeup; I discovered my new look during my act of rebellion. This includes my milder vision of Amy Winehouse’s cat eyes. I tested this look out and every woman I came across loved my cat eyes. But sure enough all my male friends expressed their strong dislike for my personal taste in makeup. I guess the article I wrote when I first started blogging was correct.


  1. I like your cat eyeliner look, Malesha! My daughter does that to me all the time. She says "mommy, you're so pretty without makeup. Why do you wear it?" and I'm baffled because I don't want to give her the wrong answer. I have stopped wearing less makeup though.

    Your little brother is such a sweetie for that <3

    1. Thanks and I guess my brother is kinda sweet in his own twisted way :)

  2. I'm a man and I like women wearing makeup to accent and bring out features...but not so much where you look like a completely different person with it. We just want to be assured that when the make up does come off and it is just us away from the public that we wont be "gagging". But from the photo it doesnt look like you're over doing it.