Monday, July 23, 2012

The Shoe Game: Part 2!

Last time I spoke of shoes; I mentioned my love for them in my first shoe game post.  I shared my best friend’s concern over my possible shoe addiction. And I also spoke of how important shoes are whenever an individual is styling an outfit. Well, let me also mention the importance of having shoes that don’t fall apart. I was literally on my first date with a guy I met about a week ago and my sandal just popped. Of course I didn't think that my shoe would collapse being that I paid $70 for these thong sandals. Because I was so embarrassed by this sandal malfunction, I won’t be wearing anymore Steve Madden Shoes. This is an awful brand that sales it’s customer defective footwear. But beyond my broken shoes, I wanted to share some shoes that hopefully won’t break.

Shoes to Marvel:
I found these Hello Kitty Sneakers on solestruck’s instragram. How cute are these shoes. I would definiatly where these in the fall.

I also found these skeleton studded flats on solestruck's instagram. I would love to have these pair of shoes in my closet.

I found the image of these shoes on I love anything Doc Marten.

I believe this is Versace which is super dope. If only I were rich, these shoes would be on my feet. This image is from

The Source Of My Embarrassment :
The shoes that just didn't last on my outing with a cute guy. It is really sad. RIP Steve Madden you are dead in my book.


  1. All of these shoes are so amazing. Those hello kitty ones are insane! I would so rock those.

  2. Hey there! I stumbled upon your website on IFB! Great post and sorry about those Steve Madden shoes! But I would not give up on them just yet:) Maybe give them another chance? I'm sure it's isolated lol
    Ty Azarov

    1. Lol your sweet... I will be checking your blog out soon :)... I'm just not so sure about Mr. Madden though

  3. amazing shoes~! )
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