Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School We Go! (Supplies and Fashion)

I can hardly believe how fast we have moved in to the month of August. It literally seems as if I was just on campus finishing up my finals for the winter semester. But regardless of my feelings, school will be back in session soon. So it is important for me and all of you college students to make sure that we have the proper supplies. I paid a visit to teen vogue and came across some pretty cool supplies which I’ve placed in the collage above.

These are backpacks and laptop cases. I love all of these. I found all of these items on urbanouttfiters and asos. The reason I suggest the items above is because they are all super cute. And it is a cute-fashionable way to keep all of your belongings secure while walking around on campus.

Clueless School Girl Images via

Another thing that should be considered for back to school is one’s style. A couple of trends that I have come across are the school girl trend and the headscarf trend. The school girl fashion trend is perfect for school because it is a reenactment of the 90’s clueless fashion style. The headscarf trend is an evolvement of the turban trend that took place in previous years.


  1. Really digging the headscarf look! I've debated back and forth with myself about the turban look for awhile and have never been brave enough. It's definitely in the rotation this Fall!


  2. Loving the "outer space" bag and clueless fashion is actually quite inspiring...