Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall and Winter: Women's Fashion Trends 2012-2013

Here in the lovely state of Michigan we have been receiving cooler weather. Cool enough to remind me that fall is soon approaching.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it means less skin. It gives hookers and annoyingly provocative women no choice but to cover themselves. Another thing that is lovely about this time of year is that there are amazing trends to help inspire one’s style.

Honestly I feel like leather is always stylish. Every fashionista has a few items that are made of leather. But, no matter my opinion it is in fact a trend and it is fabulous. The runway has displayed a lot of skirts, dresses and jackets.

Gothic Fairytales

It is a combination of horror and romance. The textures that are involved are rich fabrics such as velvets, broads, and embroidery (vampire-ish type stuff). Of course this trend involves a tremendous amount of black. But don’t forget the dark embellishments.

Red Clothing

Red anything is fabulous. Be it a coat, a top, pants or etc. wear it because it is indeed, trending.


This is simple you can wear plaid on any of your items. Coats and skirts are a big deal when it comes to this trend. And it seems to correlate with the school girl chic trend I spoke of a few weeks back.


  1. Hahaha if the girl is provocative, she will find a way to show some boob or butt. Hahaha

    Anyways, I totally agree with you about red. That blazer is awesome. I'm still looking for some red pants, so I should probably hold off on any super red item until then. First world problems!

  2. Love the leather ption. I am lucky I fancy the color red because it's on the list too :)

    Great post


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  4. great post!! loving the trends overview!!

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  6. I'm also looking forward to autumn. Those soft and yet strong colours: red, burgundy, petrol, forest green... And also more pieces of clothings: layerings and soft, cuddle farbics :)

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