Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Back: Sorry It's Been So Long!

So I’ve been away for some time now. Please forgive me for my neglectful ways. I have been extremely busy with school; this I promise. I have been in school for four years now and I have never had a schedule that has been this time consuming. 

During my absence I must say that I have discovered some things about myself and my style that were a bit life changing for me. So I figured I would share some of my style changes. First back in the beginning of September I got stiletto nails. I loved the look that it helped provide but it wasn’t very functional, which is to be expected when you’re wearing 3 inch claws. It was extremely hard to text message family and friends. Tweeting was no long one of my favorite past times and of course typing school assignments were a struggle.

Following my encounter with the stiletto nails I started wearing natural hair. It was a sweet discovery I must say. It all started one day when I had worn my hair crinkly (natural hair released from braids). I had plans to wear my hair in a massive bun so I combed out my crinklies but I discovered another problem, I couldn’t find any of my hair ties.This forced me to wear my hair in a large afro. I must admit that I was slightly insecure before I left home with my hair in it's nappiest state. But after a couple of hours of being complimented by classmates and strangers I discovered that I liked it. And I haven’t straightened my hair since.


  1. Love your polka dot skirt.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  2. Great ring and I love you yellow top! I love your hair! I too have natural hair but due to the many different curl patterns, my hair refusing to hold natural hairstyles and it drying out I always straighten my hair but if your hair works with the natural styles and wash and go then I say go for it.