Monday, November 26, 2012

Snake Skin Boots!

So I have a thing for anything flashy these days. My hair is nappy, I  am continuously wearing clothes that don’t match each other and my pimp coat just won’t come off. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, that when I saw Rihanna’s thigh high snake skin boots I fell in love. I rushed to my search engine and tried to find a similar pair. But of course I was left with a fashion frustration when I actually found a pair of killer snake print boots that were not in my size. So what can one do when she wants something extremely bad but it’s not in stock? I suppose I can wait for this trend to hit the market or never see another pair of these amazing boots again. You never know these days. But honestly I’m hoping that maybe this is going to be a new trend soon. I believe by next fall/winter we will have the opportunity to buy more snake skin boots.