Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best Moments of 2012!

2012 was an eye opening year for me. I discovered that life is truly what you make it. And surrounding yourself with positive people is very important. This elementary discovery made a world of difference for me this year. But beyond my own social life analysis for this past year I thought it would be nice to reflect on the some of the fashion events, style changes and fashion fascinations that took place in my life this year.

DIY Love

At the beginning of the year I did my first DIY project. This included a pair of old Doc Martens which were met with a large amount of glitter (it took forever to clean up). Along with my first DIY, was recognition from the Doc Marten Company. They stated to over 30,000 of their followers that it was one of the raddest things they had seen all day.

New York IFB Conference

I went to New York City to Milk Studios for my first fashion blogger conference. Of course it was a complete joy. I was able to meet a lot of people in the blogging and fashion industry . It was extremely encouraging and made me realized that I wanted my blog to be a part of my career.

My Afro

Most recently I discovered a new look. In an attempt to get healthier hair, I stop straightening it.  I went a total of three months without putting any heat in my hair. As a result I noticed that my nature hair achieved something more edgy and fun. This was something I had tried to accomplish for years with my straight hair but it never really worked out. My nature hair adds something fierce to my appearance and it will carry over into my style during 2013

Brad Pitt’s Chanel No.5

For years and years women have raved over how beautiful and handsome Brad Pitt is. And clearly Chanel is hip to this understanding as well. So what better way to attract women to their classic fragrance than by making Mr. Pitt the face of Chanel No. 5. The campaign is definitely something to be remembered and celebrated.

Purple Lipstick Discovery

One of the things I decided to add to my look was more lipstick. My favorite lipstick of all time is my purple by Make Up Forever it is dangerously sassy, cool and edgy. This lip pigment will certainly carry over into year 2013.

Street Style: Detroit

Detroit Street Style is something I’ve thought about adding to this blog for a while now. But I suppose 2013 would be the best time to follow through with this. This idea sparked when I met a man in Mid-town Detroit, who had amazing style. Since then I have only stopped a few others. But style stalking is a must for the year 2013.
She was on my school campus the beginning of last semester. This girl looked so cute. I really love the sunflowers too.

Ring Rave

For those of you that tune in to my blog on a regular basis; you know that I am obsessed with the Man Repeller. I think her style is genius and her outlook on fashion is extremely fresh. So when she came up with her arm party I decided to come up with my very own ring rave. The ring rave involves a large amount of rings on one’s hand. This collection of rings on a person’s hand can make for an interest/edgy appearance.