Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashion Construction (Don’t Give Up On Your Dream)

So I have stated before that I love fashion and I have wanted to be a fashion designer since High School. But constructing clothing is a lot harder than any imagineer could possibly fathom. I took a fashion design course last year this time and simply failed. Of course I was hit with the harsh reality that fashion design may not be my talent and I was crushed.  I was deeply saddened by this truth and it simply made me want to throw away my career agenda and find something else to do.

Well this semester I decided to give fashion construction another try. I figured I would try again for the salvation of my GPA but also because I really do want to learn how to construct clothing. I have a passion for fashion and constructing my own pieces will make it that much more meaningful.

Currently I am constructing a skirt with pleats and I must admit it is a headache.  I spent three precious hours in the fashion studio working on this skirt today but it is coming together nicely. The bright pink linen is magic with the formation of pleats and I can’t wait for the finished result. 

The book we use in construction. “A guide to Fashion Sewing” by Connie Amaden- Carwford is a book written for champs. Anything you want to know about sewing is in this book.

McCall’s  M5591 is a pattern I bought last year and let me tell you it is extremely mind-boggling.

This is a combination of the skirt constructing process. It is a magical affair.

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