Fashion’s Name is a fashion blog that was started by me, Malesha Gross. This blog is a collection of all the things in the fashion world that interest me. Most of the things I post include personal style, my random thoughts of fashion, trends, and also my journey in becoming a fashion designer.

My mission is to inspire the world with my love for fashion and to also encourage people to be themselves and to dress freely.

Things I believe about fashion:
  •  That clothing was placed on earth for us to play dress up.
  •   That your sidewalks are your runways.
  •   People that stare at you on a day to day basis are your audience.

Why did I choose to name my blog Fashion’s Name? My name is Malesha Gross and my name is fashion and as a result I am Fashion’s Name. If you pay close attention you will see that my name is stationed inside all the letters of my banner title: